Optimizing Delivery Efficiency with FoodMami Catering Through Lalamove

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For Food Mami Catering, adapting to the ever-changing catering businesses in Dhaka city, it  was essential for staying competitive and one innovative idea  that has positively changed their operations is the integration of on-demand delivery services offered by Lalamove.

In this blog, we had the pleasure of conversing with Mrs. Kohinoor and his son H. M. Nafiz Piyal, the visionary founder of Food Mami Catering. We delve into their strategic utilization of Lalamove, exploring how they've optimized delivery processes and adapted to evolving business landscapes. As Mr. Nafiz is in charge of Food Mami’s logistics, he shared his perspectives on how Lalamove has enabled Food Mami Catering to maintain a cost-effective  and seamless  operation.


Inception of Food Mami:

Mrs. Kohinoor, a regular Bangladeshi homemaker with exceptional culinary skills, has consistently amazed people with her delicious finger licking dishes. Her few signature recipes have garnered acclaim among relatives and friends, leaving a lasting impression on anyone who tastes them. To share her unique culinary creations with a wider audience, her son, Nafiz, conceived the idea of creating a Facebook account. His goal was to empower his mother by showcasing her homemade delicacies and fostering her journey into entrepreneurship.

After launching their venture in the middle of November of 2023, they have been in search of a Permanent reliable delivery partner capable of meeting their requirements for multi-stop delivery with affordability, scheduled deliveries, and real-time tracking.


Cost-effective Multi-stop Delivery:

Operating their catering business from their home in Dhaka's Mirpur area, customers are required to place orders at least 12 hours in advance. As their customers order from various locations at different times,  managing smooth deliveries across multiple locations with varied systems has proven challenging. This complexity has resulted in lost orders and incurred significant delivery costs, often based on per kilometer rates for each location. Here Lalamove stepped in with its unique feature of Multi-stop delivery option enabling users to conveniently deliver packages to multiple locations with just a single order! Using the Multi-stop feature did not only minimize the delivery cost but also made the operation process significantly faster and smoother with an easier order tracking system. 


On-time delivery with Pre-scheduled order:

Ensuring timely food delivery to the desired venue or customer is crucial for any catering business. In Dhaka city, known for its unpredictable traffic, Food Mami frequently encountered challenges in securing a reliable delivery partner who could guarantee on-time delivery. Aware of their delivery schedules, Food Mami found value in pre-scheduling orders with Lalamove. By staying in communication with drivers and ensuring timely pickups, they optimized delivery times, ensuring -  The earlier the pickup, the sooner the delivery.


Remaining at ease with Real Time tracking:

As dishes are prepared with care and dedication, it's crucial for chefs to deliver food of the highest quality, maintaining freshness, taste, and presentation. To guarantee this, it's essential to track deliveries in real-time, ensuring they're headed to the correct destination via the optimal route. Lalamove enables their fellow users to navigate their delivery orders with the GPS tracking system and helps to ensure stress free and hassle free delivery. 

Despite being a small business with significant growth potential, Food Mami is committed to realizing their long-term vision by leveraging Lalamove's last-mile logistics partnership to support their essential growth.

In this Ramadan, if you are planning to organize an iftar event full of fresh and savor the taste of homemade goodness of Food Mami with your friends and family, Do not miss out their offers! To place order visit their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/foodmamidhaka

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