Lalamove Bangladesh Making Logistics More Rewarding in Ramadan 2024

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In this journey, logistics meets compassion, and every delivery carries not just packages but a spirit of generosity. In the heart of Ramadan, a time of reflection, gratitude, and giving, Lalamove takes the lead in redefining the logistics landscape by offering more benefits to the users and the drivers.

Join us on this exploration, where the roads traveled are paved with empathy, and every delivery becomes a testament to the art of giving. Welcome to the intersection of logistics and generosity – a journey that embodies the true spirit of Ramadan.

In this year of Ramadan, Lalamove has come up with multiple initiatives to make this sacred season more rewarding, and fulfilling which are mentioned below. 



Affordable Rates Despite High Demand:

During the bustling demands of Ramadan deliveries, Lalamove not only meets expectations but exceeds them with a confident commitment to affordability. Despite the surge, Lalamove proudly offers the lowest vehicle fare in town, accompanied by a reduction in the per kilometer extra charge. This reflects our dedication to accessibility, ensuring essential services are within reach for everyone, even during peak times. In an industry where costs often escalate, Lalamove's unwavering affordability, coupled with a reduced per kilometer extra charge, marks a bold and positive stride in redefining logistics during the sacred month.




Expands Drop-Off Locations Across Dhaka:

With a commitment to enhancing convenience, Lalamove is gently expanding its drop-off locations across Dhaka City. Apart from the city center, we are delighted to announce that Lalamove is now extending its reliable delivery services to areas like Gazipur, Vawal, Keraniganj, Meghna Toll Bridge, Narsingdi, and many more. This thoughtful expansion is designed to bring our services closer to your doorstep, ensuring a smoother and more accessible delivery experience. Keep an eye out for these additional drop-off points as we continue our efforts to connect communities and make deliveries hassle-free for everyone. To enhance your experience and further connect communities throughout the city.


Seamless Logistics for the merchants: 

During the lively pace of Ramadan, Lalamove lends a helping hand to numerous SME users, thoughtfully tackling their logistics challenges. Recognizing the intensified demands in this sacred season, we grasp their unique needs and offer customized solutions like pre-schedule and multi- stop drop off location for swift and efficient deliveries. Entrust the logistics to Lalamove, enabling small businesses to prioritize customer service and flourish during this festive period. With us, your peace of mind remains our utmost priority.




Enhancing Service quality for Users:

At Lalamove, we care about your experience! Now you can rate our drivers for their service, and your feedback really matters. Just one rating can make a big difference for our drivers. Also, when canceling orders, pick a valid reason – it helps us keep things fair and ensures everyone has a good experience. Your input shapes our service, making it even better!



Enriching Drivers' Ramadan with Additional Rewards:

Lalamove is more than just a delivery service; it's a supportive community for our drivers. During Ramadan, we're making it easier for drivers to access countless trips and boost their income with mission and sticker bonuses. In this Ramadan season, The highest-performing driver with the best record stands a chance to win a LED TV, Smart Phone, Rice cooker and more amazing gift hampers . Join us at Lalamove, where every trip brings opportunities and rewards for our dedicated drivers.


Not to mention, to hype up this festive sacred season of all time, Lalamove is offering a 30% OFF coupon to the new users! And for the old users, don’t forget to check your wallet because our Ramadan gift has already been sent to you!


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