Shifting in the Rain: Useful Advices for a Safe and Dry Shift

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Moving houses in rainy weather is never an easy task. Planning a house-shift can become a nightmare when it pours a lot of rain because there's a good risk your priceless household items will get damaged if not packed carefully.

In the event that you're moving during the rainy season, there are some helpful tips covered in this blog. You may make your house moving hassle-free by implementing the appropriate safety measures.


Keep an eye on the Dhaka weather forecast 

Checking the local weather forecast is the first thing you should do before organizing the move so that you can arrange for a day when it won't rain.

It is best to plan ahead and postpone the transfer to a different day in the event of cyclonic rains. You may minimize the risks and inconveniences of moving on a wet day by making sure everything is well-organized and by keeping an eye on the local weather forecast. Therefore, consider the weather first when choosing the best day to move your household items.



Avoid packing your cleaning supplies

The first thing to do on a house moving rainy day is to keep aside your core cleaning products like brooms, mopes, old towels, floor cleaners and a few garbage bags. These few items should be loaded at the very end before leaving the old house.

To avoid a messy floor with muddy footprints of laborers and endless taunts from your Ex- landlord, it is important to be prepared. Keep the towels on standby to dry items or mop up puddles.


Make your packing waterproof:

One crucial point to remember while moving to a new home in wet weather is to pay proper attention to the furniture and electronic items. During the wet season, the furniture tends to absorb moisture hence the woods swell. Moreover, if water gets direct touch with any wooden furniture, it impacts the quality of the material that eventually leads to its decay. So it is mandatory to cover the items by large plastic wraps which can be easily found in any hardware shop. 

Another most sensitive item is electronic items. Before packaging it is foremost to ensure all kinds of electronic products like fridge, washing machine, Television, kitchen appliances and other endless household and personal electronic gadgets items are switched off and that need to be packed with proper plastic wraps which will keep these items secure from all kinds of moistures. Heavy wet moisture in the electronic products may lead to damage to the inner circuits and other problems while usage.


Select the Appropriate Transport Vehicle:

Two varieties of trucks are available for selection: open body trucks and enclosed trucks, sometimes known as covered Van. Based on the size of the relocation and the range of truck lengths, select the appropriate car.


Open Truck

1 Bed Room - Pickup (1 Ton/8 ft)

2 Bed Room - Pickup (2 Ton/12 ft)

3 Bed Room - Truck Canter (14 ft), Truck LPT (17 ft), Eicher (17 ft, 19 ft), LCV & DCM (19 ft)

4 bed room to Office -  (12 Ton/ 22 ft)


Covered Truck

1 Bed Room - Tata 407 (9 ft)

2 Bed Room - 14 Feet Eicher

3 Bed room - 5 Bed room or Office - Covered Trucks (20 ft, 24 ft), 20-32 Feet Truck (10 Wheeler), 24-32 Feet Truck (12 Wheeler)


If finding a truck from a truck stand seems to be a hassle, feel free to download Lalamove and rent a truck instantly.


Book your Labors ahead of time:

Finding a helping hand to load and unload the goods is another difficult task in Dhaka. Availability of laborers in locations like Tongi, Savar, Uttara, Narayanganj and central part of Dhaka are the most compared to other parts of the city. Again, if that’s in the rainy season, it becomes nearly impossible. Even if you do find one or two, they will want to charge extra for rain.

So to be prepared, fix the laborers beforehand and negotiate their charge to avoid unnecessary trouble. Try to have clear communication about no extra charge being allowed due to uncertain weather issues. Want to have a short cut way to book labor? That too can be found in the Lalamove App! 


Whenever there is a certain amount of rain, Tongi, Narayanganj, Savar, or any other area in Dhaka city floods. Therefore, it is crucial to exercise caution in order to prevent any kind of inconvenience. 

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