Lalamove Activation Fee Notice

Activation Fees secure driver partners’ rights who are committed to working with Lalamove based on our shared values. As an on-demand hailing platform, we provide drivers with the flexibility to earn and hence we are pursuing a fleet of drivers that contributes to our visions and supports our expansion of the client base with passion. Activation Fee also protects the mutual interest of both parties from drivers threatening both of our sources of income with inappropriate behaviours. By abiding these ground rules, we shall create a safe and enjoyable platform for both clients and driver partners.


1. Activation Fee usage: 

  1. The Activation Fee is to secure the mutual benefit between driver partners and the platform. 
  2. The Activation Fee is non-refundable and does not serve as a commission or membership fee.
  3. Driver partner should pay the full amount of Activation Fee after verification. Each driver partner (verified driver account) is required to submit the Activation Fee once only. 

 2. Amount 

Each driver partner (verified driver account) is required to submit the following amounts as an Activation Fee upon verification once only. 

  1. Truck: BDT 30
  2. Cycle Van: BDT 0
  3. Sedan Car: BDT 0
  4. Motorcycle: BDT 0

This Activation Fee is inclusive of VAT and bank handling charges; By paying the Activation Fee, driver partner agrees to all of the above terms consciously and voluntarily. Lalamove reserves the right to change the contents of this Notice at any time.