Sticker & Lalakit FAQs



What do I need to bring for my sticker installation?

You only need to bring your vehicle.

How long will the sticker installation take?

It's around 15 minutes, but if there is queue, you should wait longer following the number of drivers queueing.


What is Lalakit? Why should I buy them?

Lalamove offers a wide range of merchandise to its driver partners - to make their delivery experience easy and worldclass! Together, these items are referred to as lalakit! To purchase Lalakit item, checkout the latest offerings in your driver app in Lalakit module

How should I pay for the items?

You can pay for your items selected when you arrive at the pickup point. You can pay in cash or pay via hpay. (varies across markets)

My Lalabag is torn, can I exchange it for another one?

Please contact the customer support and they will be glad to assist you.

How should I use my Lalakit?

Use it as much as you can, especially taking orders!

How can I cancel/reschedule my pickup session?

Please contact the customer support at for arrangement.


Lalakit Pricing and details:

Item 1: e.g. Lalabag (40 x 40 x50 cm)
Item 1 Price : IDR 250,000
Item 2: Jacket (all size)
Item 2 price: IDR 100,000
Item 3: Helmet (all size)
Item 3 price: IDR 105,000