Goods Protection Promises






“Goods” refer to in this Goods Protection Promises (“Promises”) has the same meaning as the “Shipments” as defined in the Lalamove’s Terms. Subject to the terms hereunder, Lalamove to pay compensation to Lalamove’s selected Corporate Account Users for their loss, or damage of their shipment, which are caused by Lalamove’s Driver Partners during their provision of Shipment Delivery in Hong Kong. The Promises is in effect from the time Driver Partners pick up the goods till the goods are delivered at the address specified by the User. 


 Lalamove根據本文條款向選定的企業用戶支付就其貨物因Lalamove運輸合作夥伴在香港提供送貨服務時引 致的損失或損壞的賠償費用。​貨物賠償承諾自運輸合作夥伴開始運輸時生效,直至該項貨物運達用戶指定的目的地終止。




The following goods are not covered in the Promises:

  1. Bullion
  2. Cash securities and other cash equivalents
  3. Goods which are banned, prohibited or otherwise excluded by any law, regulation or statute of any jurisdiction from which the Property is collected, delivered, or through which the Property is transported
  4. Live animals
  5. Military goods such as bombs, weapons, ammunition, missiles, guns and gadgets specially designed for restraining human and/or used for torture of human beings and the like
  6. Yachts, aircrafts, helicopters and automobiles shipped as cargo
  7. Properties that are prohibited or excluded under the Terms and Conditions of Lalamove
  8. Goods of a higher hazard nature such as IMDG Cargo
  9. Second-hand goods and personal effects
  10. Fragile items – aquarium, glassware, porcelain, musical instruments, etc
  11. Precious jewellery, precious metals and precious stones 
  12. Fine arts, sculptures, collectibles and the like 
  13. Luxury handbags, scarfs, fur, watches and the like


  1. 金條
  2. 現金證券及其他現金等價物
  3. 在該貨物收集、交付或運輸財產的任何司法管轄區的任何法律、法規或法規禁止、禁止或以其他方式排除的貨物
  4. 活體
  5. 軍用物品,如炸彈、武器、彈藥、導彈、槍支和專為約束人類和/或用於折磨人類的器具等
  6. 作為貨物運輸的遊艇、飛機、直升機和汽車
  7. Lalamove條款不允許托運或排除的貨物
  8. 國際海運危險貨物規則列明的貨物等危險性較高的貨物
  9. 二手商品和個人財物 
  10. 易碎物品——水族箱、玻璃器皿、瓷器、樂器等
  11. 貴重首飾、貴金屬和寶石 
  12. 美術、雕塑、收藏品等
  13. 名貴手袋、圍巾、皮草、手錶等


The compensation amount shall be the lower of: 

  1. For Lost / Stolen / Destroyed Goods: Actual Invoice Value or Replacement Cost (as determined by Lalamove in its sole discretion based on the value at the date on which the relevant accident occurred); or 
  2. For Damaged Goods: Actual Invoice Value or Cost of Repair (as determined by Lalamove in its sole discretion based on the value at the date on which the relevant accident occurred); or 
  3. The maximum compensation is USD500 per order.


  1. 遺失/被竊/損毀之貨物:實際發票價值或重置成本(由Lalamove根據相關事故發生當日的價值全權酌情決定);或
  2. 受損貨物:直接發票價值或修補費用(由Lalamove根據相關事故發生當日的價值全權酌情決定);或
  3. 每單最高賠償額為USD500 。


The loss, theft, damage or destruction arising out of or in any way connected with the following are excluded from the Promises:

  • communicable disease or fear or threat of communicable disease
  • insufficiency or, unsuitability of packaging or, preparation of the shipment
  • inherent vice or faulty workmanship of the shipment
  • fraud, dishonesty or intentional conduct
  • delay or incorrect address
  • lawful seizure of the shipment
  • the use or operation of any computer, computer system, computer software programme, computer process or any other electronic system
  • mechanical, electrical and electronic failure
  • ordinary leakage, loss in weight or volume, or natural wear and tear of the shipment
  • radioactive contamination, chemical biological, bio-chemical and electromagnetic weapons 
  • rust, oxidisation and or discolouration 
  • war and terrorism


  • 傳染病或對傳染病的恐懼或威脅
  • 包裝不充分、不合適的裝運或準備的貨物
  • 貨物的固有缺陷或工藝缺陷
  • 欺詐、不誠實或故意行為
  • 延誤或地址錯誤
  • 貨物的合法扣押
  • 任何計算機、計算機系統、計算機軟件程序、計算機程序或任何其他電子系統的使用或操作
  • 機械、電氣和電子故障
  • 貨物的普通洩漏、重量或體積損失或自然磨損
  • 放射性污染、化學生物、生化和電磁武器
  • 生鏽、氧化和/或變色
  • 戰爭和恐怖主義




All claims shall be submitted through the the prescribed claim form HERE within 7days upon the incident happens. Your claim will be accepted, rejected, or you will be asked to provide additional information within a maximum period of 30 days after the claim is submitted. Please prepare and submit the following documents (if available) together with the claim form: 

  • Pictures or proofs of the damaged shipments 
  • Receipts that can show the value of the damaged shipments
  • Receipts that can show the cost of repairment/replacement

所有索赔应在事件发生后 7 天内填妥並提交规定的索赔單。在您提交索賠報告後的30天內,您的索賠將被接受、拒絕,或者您會被要求提供額外信息。請準備並連同索賠報告提交文件(如有):

  • 貨物損壞的圖片或證明
  • 可以顯示損壞貨物價的收據
  • 可以顯示維修/更換成本的收據


You acknowledge and agree that any amount paid by Lalamove to you under this Promises shall not be construed to be an admission of any liability or obligation by Lalamove to you or to any other person, and that the Lalamove makes no such admission. Notwithstanding to the aforesaid, upon the compensation made to you by Lalamove under this Promises, you agree to release, waive and forever discharge Lalamove from the claims that are the subject matters of the compensation. 

This Promises is not an insurance product or service. Lalamove does not provide any insurance product or service. Lalamove may revise or modify the above terms from time to time at its absolute discretion, or change, suspend or terminate the  Promises without prior notice or incurring any liability. ​​For any dispute arising from this Promises, Lalamove’s decision shall be final and binding on all the parties concerned. In case of any discrepancy between the local and English versions of the above information, the English version shall prevail. 


貨物賠償承諾並非保險產品或服務。Lalamove並不提供任何保險產品或服務。Lalamove可按絕對酌情權,不時修訂或修改以上條款,或更改、暫停或終止貨物賠償承諾,而毋須 另行通知或負上責任。如有任何爭議,Lalamove的決定為最終決定及對所有相關方具有約束力。如上述資料的本地語言版本與英文版本有 任何歧異,概以英文版本為準。