5 Part-Time Jobs You Can Do To Earn Income In Kuching

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Earning money is never an easy task, especially in this economy.

To live more comfortably you may have to do multiple jobs to support your daily expenses.

Wondering what you can do during your free time to generate side income?

Here are some part-time income ideas you can do in Kuching!


1. Do Home Or Online Tutoring


home tutoring


Have no weekend plans with your friends or family?

Or you’re currently on a semester break and wish to earn some pocket money before heading back to your university?

Let’s try to do home or online tutoring in the city! 

You may start by tutoring primary students around your neighbourhood to gain confidence.

If you possess a strong knowledge of subjects such as Mathematics, Science or Physics, this could be a plus point!

Being a private home or online tutor allows you to work on your own time. Ideally, you should tutor for two to four hours a day.


2. Be A Babysitter


be a babysitter


Do babies and children give you warm fuzzies? Do you have a baby fever 24/7?

If yes, this part-time job might be a perfect fit for you!

Being a babysitter allows you to develop important skills such as communication, conflict resolution and other practical childcare skills.

If you don’t dare to start, you may begin by taking care of kids from your closest family or your neighbour.

Once you’ve gained the confidence, you may try to advertise your babysitter or part-time nanny service on social media platforms.

Who knows one day you would open your nursery care in Kuching? Dream big!

3. Be A Lalamove Driver Partner


4x4 Pickup delivery


Another side hustle job you can do during your free time is to be a Lalamove driver partner in Kuching.

Similar to the jobs we’ve mentioned, you can enjoy more flexibility by being a Lalamove driver partner.

With us, you can be your own boss!

If you own a car or 4x4 pickup and live in Kuching, it’s time to register as our driver partner.

Beyond earning extra income, you can also maximise your earnings by referring friends and completing missions to get extra incentives.

How cool is that?

Click Here To Sign Up As Our Part-Time Driver


4. Be A Home Baker


be a home baker


Baking is your passion but you don’t have the confidence to open a store yet?

Try to start small by baking tartlets, cookies, muffins or scones and sell them to your friends!

Once you’ve gained constructive feedback from your friends or family, you may begin to advertise your baked goods on your social media.

Since this is just a part-time job, you can take orders according to your availability. It’s all up to you.


5. Be A Dropshipper


be a dropshipper


Did you know that you can earn around RM700 weekly from your dropshipping side hustle?


Dropshipping is a great part-time job because it lets you earn good profits without needing a large upfront investment or dealing with inventory management hassles.

As a dropshipper, you work as a middleman by finding customers and the business owner will cover all the processes.

It doesn’t require you to buy the products in advance. You also don’t need to rent a warehouse or store to keep the products.

You can start by being a dropshipper from local businesses that sell Kek Lapis, makeup, clothes and many more.

Less work, less hassle. But you still get a commission for every product you sell!

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