How To Build Your Personal Delivery Fleet With Lalamove App

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As a business owner, having your own customisable delivery fleet that you can always count on is helpful.

Curious if it’s possible? With the Lalamove app, it is possible! This is how you can do it...


Favourite Drivers

If you look closely, the Lalamove App has a feature called Favourite Drivers. When a driver partner’s service meets your expectations, you can mark them as your favourite driver. 

What does this mean for you? Well, for your subsequent deliveries, these selected drivers will be the first in line to view your orders. They have the freedom to either accept or decline your order. 

To ‘Favourite’ a driver, follow these simple steps:-

First step to favourite a Lalamove driver


Second step to favourite a Lalamove driver

Next, here are the steps to assign your subsequent delivery orders to your favourite driver:

Steps to assign a delivery order to a favourite driver

Just repeat Step 8 and 9 in 'Favourite' a driver guide above whenever you find a driver that impressed you. Soon enough, you’ll have a fleet of your personal drivers!

The more frequent you work with your Favourite Driver, the more he understands your needs. Your relationship with the driver and your delivery experience will get better over time! 

Be a Lalamove Business User

Did you know that when you signed up for a Lalamove Corporate Account, you’ll have a dedicated account manager who'll prioritise your delivery requirements? And that’s just the tip of the perks with a Lalamove Corporate Account, with more benefits coming your way!

Are you interested in our Corporate Account? Tap on the button below to reach out to our Key Account Managers for further details and sign up. 


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