Sticker & Lalakit FAQs



What do I need to bring for my sticker installation?

You will need to bring your vehicle and IC for verification purposes.

How long will the sticker installation take?

It will take around 45 minutes but may take longer if there is a queue.

How do i reschedule my sticker installation session?

You can follow the below instruction to schedule sticker installation session.

1. Open Lalamove driver apps

2. Click "Profile"

3. Click "Sticker"

4. Choose the date and time

How do I cancel my sticker installation session?

If you do not turn up for your appointment, it will be automatically cancelled and you may proceed to book a new appointment through the app. 

I already have a sticker installed. How do I get my benefits?

You are entitled to the exclusive benefits with our partners upon pasting of our stickers on your vehicle. You will need to submit the photos of your vehicle with the stickers during the first week of every month to receive the monthly advertising fee or sticker mission.

How long do I have to paste the sticker for?

There will be a minimum commitment period of 3 months. Should you remove the stickers thereafter, you will no longer be able to enjoy order priority and the commission that Lalamove takes for each order will increase to 18% for MPVs and 21% for Vans and Lorries.

What happens if I remove the sticker before the 3 months?

Your security deposit will be confiscated, and you will no longer have order priority and the commission that Lalamove takes for each order is increased to 21%.

Sticker installation sessions are full. What can I do now?

Please Whatsapp to 87558251 to enquire about the next available sticker pasting slot.

What is the address and opening hours of the sticker center?

Address: 60 Ubi Cres, #01-02 Ubi Techpark, Singapore 408569
Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 9am - 6pm (Except Public Holiday)

Disclaimer on sticker removal

1. Lalamove does not recommend delivery partners to remove stickers and does not offer sticker removal services to delivery partners.
2. Delivery partners may not claim driver incentives if stickers are removed from vehicles.
3. Lalamove is not responsible for and delivery partners may not claim any damages to vehicles incurred due to sticker removals.
4. All delivery partners are required to sign a Waiver and Release of Liability upon carrying out sticker installation in Lalamove’s official sticker installation areas.


What is Lalakit? Why should I buy them?

Lalamove offers a wide range of merchandise to its driver partners - to make their delivery experience easy and worldclass! Together, these items are referred to as lalakit! To purchase Lalakit item, checkout the latest offerings in your driver app in Lalakit module

How should I pay for the items?

You can pay for the selected items when you arrive at the office for collection via PayNow QR Code.

My Lalabag is torn, can I exchange it for another one?

Lalabags are non-refundable. Should your current Lalabag be damaged/worn out or lost, you may opt to purchase a new one the Lalakit tab in your driver profile page.

How should I use my Lalakit?

Use it as much as you can, especially taking orders!

How can I cancel/reschedule my pickup session?

You may still visit our office and let us know of your original scheduled pickup date / time.

Lalakit pricing

Lalakit Pricing and details:

Please head to your driver profile page > Lalakit.