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    Since 2013, Lalamove has tackled the logistics industry head on to find the most innovative solutions for the world’s delivery needs.

    Millions of drivers and customers use our technology every day to connect with one another and move things that matter. Today, Lalamove unceasingly matches over 7 million customers with a pool of over 700,000 drivers of vans, trucks, lorries, cars and motorcycles to provide same day delivery services.

    Lalamove’s mission of making local deliveries fast and simple is achieved with innovations such as instant order matching, real-time GPS vehicle tracking, multi stop deliveries and drivers favourite system.

    Lalamove now operates in 20 markets across Asia, Latin America and the United States. It entered the Malaysian market in 2018. Besides on-demand deliveries in Klang Valley, Lalamove is meeting the demand for interstate deliveries from July 2020 onwards.

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