Use Lalamove App Like a Pro!


What made you installed Lalamove app in the first place? The story behind it can range from trivial tasks to life-changing occasions.

Requesting our rider to retrieve an essential document from home to office? Check. Expedited purchase and delivery from your favorite chicken rice stall? All the time. Surprise delivery for your partner? Stealth mode for delivery on!

All of these requests came from the same launching ground, which is the homepage of our app.  


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Lalamove Successfully Secured $300 Million in Series D Funding


Lalamove, Asia’s leading on-demand delivery and logistics service provider closed  $300 million in its latest D1 round led by Hillhouse Capital and D2 round led by Sequoia China. This round of funding is another vote of trust from investors in the wake of Lalamove’s consistent growth.

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Valentine’s Day Gifts That Bring Couples Together


Valentine's Day is coming in less than a week! Have you decided on what gift are you going to bestow to your significant other on this 14th February?

There’s nothing wrong with showering your Valentine with the customary chocolates and roses. Tradition is hardly a concept that should be eschewed, especially if the charm is still there. But as the saying goes, fortune favors the bold. And this is what our entry is all about today!

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Hot Meals Just The Way You Like It!


Convenience and accessibility to a broad range of menu; these are the commonly cited factors that lead to the growth of on-demand food delivery service. On the other hand, getting your delicacies delivered fresh and hot is a frequently overlooked appeal that also fulfils the appetite of the global USD94 billion food delivery market.

However, this won’t be a write up that examines the nuances of food delivery and how it is aging like a fine wine to become a billion-dollar industry. Instead, this piece explores a crucial, yet rarely mentioned ingredient in the success story of the food delivery industry - thermal bag.

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Building Bridges with Startups on Business Support Day


In this era of globalization and digital connectivity, startups are expected to capitalize on every possible advantage if they were to make headway in market share and profits. Besides operations and marketing, logistics is another critical area that can maximize profits while ensuring an overall positive experience for the customers.

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Enjoy KL Food Anytime, Anywhere with Buy4U!


How fortunate are we to live in a food utopia that is Malaysia! Besides a multiracial society that lives in harmony, we are blessed with colorful and tantalizing delicacies born out of the heritage of different races that call Malaysia their home.

Kuala Lumpur is a complex maze of food trail. Hidden gems that are tucked away in obscure places are waiting to be discovered by anyone who is willing to put in the effort and time to search for legendary gastronomical pleasures. Nevertheless, effort and time are commodities that come in short supply when your stomach is growling from hunger, and you’re stuck in the never-ending traffic of Kuala Lumpur.

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Keeping Up with The Sharing Economy


A junior accountant was incentivized with two days’ worth of fuel expense after an impromptu document delivery to a law firm en route to his office. A fresh batch of roses and gardenia bouquets, their fragrance permeating the still air, was finally delivered to a wedding in the eleventh hour due to a slight overlook by the wedding planner. Being a new player in the fast food industry is no child’s play when one competes for market share with established fast food chains, but thanks to a partnership with an on-demand delivery provider, an independent gourmet burger outlet is flipping more burgers than ever to be delivered to hungry customers before the lunch break.

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Why Settle for Same-day Delivery? When You Can Get It in under An Hour?

The current last-mile delivery landscape in Malaysia is saturated with different companies and products. However, what we focus on offering is something unique, a value proposition that surpasses the current status quo to have on-demand delivery with a push of a button. After just 3 months of testing, we are now confident that we can achieve this.

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Leading On-demand Logistics Startup Lalamove Enters Malaysia

The leading same-day delivery and logistics provider Lalamove has recently entered Kuala Lumpur to ramp up growth of its expansion plans in Southeast Asia.

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