Exclusive Moving Deals with RM50 Rebate at HOMEDEC 2019


Owning a home is more than just having a roof over your head. It's a place where we found security, control, belonging, and privacy.

A home can also be a reflection of our fashion statement, mirrored through the personal touch of our furniture, appliances, and the art in the interior design. With the forthcoming Home Design and Interior Exhibition (HOMEDEC), homeowners will be spoilt for choices to express their fashion statement loud and clear!

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5 Tips to Maximize the Space of a Moving Lorry


There used to be a simpler time when we get that odd feeling of satisfaction in a game of Tetris. It’s the little victories that kept us going whenever we managed to score that perfect horizontal line from the cascading pixelated blocks.


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To Buy, or To Rent a House?


Buying a house versus renting a house - it’s probably one of the most heated debate when it comes to making the best financial sense. Not surprisingly, this dilemma is not exclusive to Malaysia. It is an argument that is shared universally.

Contrary to popular belief, the decisions at this juncture are not based on financial grounds alone. Other factors should be taken in equal measure with monetary concerns, no matter how secondary or tertiary they are on paper.

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Lalamove Successfully Secured $300 Million in Series D Funding


Lalamove, Asia’s leading on-demand delivery and logistics service provider closed  $300 million in its latest D1 round led by Hillhouse Capital and D2 round led by Sequoia China. This round of funding is another vote of trust from investors in the wake of Lalamove’s consistent growth.

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How To Save Money When Moving


Here’s a reality check when it comes to moving: it can be a pricey affair.

However, cost-savings favour the savvy ones! It is possible to keep your moving expenses under control, thanks to a few ingenuities that can cut corners on your budget.

Here, we’d like to share six moving tips that will not only save you heaps of cash but will also make things simpler and reduce the amount of work up front and on the unpacking side as well.

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Moving Prices in Klang Valley


Have you ever tried researching for moving prices on Google and feel overwhelmed by the results on the first page?

Your search queries could take shape in various relevant keywords in English or Bahasa Malaysia. As a result, there are many options for you to choose from the listing on the first page alone.

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Just 32 Seconds to Find A Lorry Driver - Fastest Record Achieved!


Are you stressed out trying to figure out how to move your bulky items?

Frustrated with logistic service providers not providing you with adequate information?

Tired of constant price negotiations only to end up with an exorbitant price?

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