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    Get the inside scoop on what makes Lalamove the same day delivery provider of choice. Want to make the most out of your business deliveries? Searching for delivery promo codes? Stories from our partners? We've got you covered!

    4 Ways To Connect To Your Customers In The Middle Of The Covid-19 Outbreak

    There’s no doubt about it. Most businesses will come to remember early 2020 as a period of uncertainty due to the Covid-19 outbreak. The imposed restricted movement order poses a challenge for


    5 Simple Ways To Reduce The Impact Of The Coronavirus Outbreak On Your Business

    Over the past couple of weeks, coverage on coronavirus outbreak has been plaguing newspaper headlines and primetime news. At the same time, we’ve seen an increased number of reports on the impact of


    Lalamove Launches Lower Fares To Offer Affordable Large Deliveries

    Lalamove has launched a new lower pricing scheme for its delivery services by van, 1-ton lorry and 3-ton lorry after a series of trials. This revision of prices was driven by the motivation to make