✔️ Checklist of Lalamove-able Items!


When we say we can handle deliveries of all shapes and sizes, we really mean it! And we deliver it to you doorstep no less.

So, what kind of items can be delivered by Lalamove?

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Delivery of Dates with Lalamove


The holy month of Ramadan for Muslims is upon us in less than a week. Usually, the dishes for the breaking of fast and sahoor are not dissimilar from the regular menu of lunch and dinner.

However, in the month of Ramadan, there is a signature starter that is typically served side-by-side with the dishes for the breaking of fast and sahoor - dates!

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My Two Cents on International Women's Day, by Juliana Omar


Ladies, you’ll be excused today if you crank Beyonce’s “Run the World (Girls)” out loud today because today is all about women empowerment and gender equality. Own that jam!

Today is International Women’s Day, a day when women are recognized for their achievements without regard to divisions, national, ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic or political. The call-to-action to progress gender equality also underlines the significance of this special day.

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Yusheng Delivery with Prosperous Promocode “LOHSANGLA”!


Huat ah! Can’t Chinese New Year come any sooner? We can’t wait to revel in the excitement of this festive season with its bountiful traditions!

Thunderous fireworks with such intensity that can trigger car alarms await the ones who are brave enough to lit up the fuses. Dining table with a feast fit for an emperor awaits the jovial and hungry family members who came back from places for the reunion dinner.

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Scalability with Third-Party Food Delivery


So, you’ve finally made it! The combination of your passion for food and entrepreneurial spirit has finally translated to reality with your very own café. You are now ready to open your doors for business. Congratulations!

No doubt you have all the nuts and bolts of running a café figured out since day one of your business planning. With the launching of your establishment, you have reached the next phase of the business journey - building your brand, promoting your business’ value through menu and services, and growing your customer base.

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Hot Meals Just The Way You Like It!


Convenience and accessibility to a broad range of menu; these are the commonly cited factors that lead to the growth of on-demand food delivery service. On the other hand, getting your delicacies delivered fresh and hot is a frequently overlooked appeal that also fulfils the appetite of the global USD94 billion food delivery market.

However, this won’t be a write up that examines the nuances of food delivery and how it is aging like a fine wine to become a billion-dollar industry. Instead, this piece explores a crucial, yet rarely mentioned ingredient in the success story of the food delivery industry - thermal bag.

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Enjoy KL Food Anytime, Anywhere with Buy4U!


How fortunate are we to live in a food utopia that is Malaysia! Besides a multiracial society that lives in harmony, we are blessed with colorful and tantalizing delicacies born out of the heritage of different races that call Malaysia their home.

Kuala Lumpur is a complex maze of food trail. Hidden gems that are tucked away in obscure places are waiting to be discovered by anyone who is willing to put in the effort and time to search for legendary gastronomical pleasures. Nevertheless, effort and time are commodities that come in short supply when your stomach is growling from hunger, and you’re stuck in the never-ending traffic of Kuala Lumpur.

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Tips for Your Daily Food Hunt in KL

There are ample choices for restaurants, hawker food, street food, local specialty dishes sold across busy Kuala Lumpur. However, there are many challenges for local food hunters like to explore them all, mostly due to the congested traffic which may prolong travel to foodie destinations which are located in other parts of KL from the departure points. Imagine, spending more than 1-hour from Shah Alam to Seri Kembangan after 6pm just for a famous RM 3.00 Nasi Lemak. It’s not practical or cost-effective, especially when you also consider the petrol or toll charges that occur. By imagining all these possible circumstances, would you normally just give up your food hunting plan and decide to go with the same meal, same restaurant as located in your nearby area?

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