Delivery of Dates with Lalamove


The holy month of Ramadan for Muslims is upon us in less than a week. Usually, the dishes for the breaking of fast and sahoor are not dissimilar from the regular menu of lunch and dinner.

However, in the month of Ramadan, there is a signature starter that is typically served side-by-side with the dishes for the breaking of fast and sahoor - dates!

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Effortless Errands with Buy4U


Did you know that the smartphone that is sitting in your pocket or handbag right now (or you might be even reading this on your smartphone) has hundreds of thousands-fold more computing power than the NASA’s computer that was used to land Apollo 11 on the moon in 1969?

True to their namesake, smartphones are smart for a good reason. Thanks to a broad spectrum of hardware capabilities and apps, the possibilities with smartphones are endless; from being a mobile platform to stream TV shows to a bizarre app that can turn your phone into an earthquake sensor!

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Beat Late Deliveries on this 11.11 Shopping Festival!

11 November will be a grand event that is sure to be highlighted in the calendars of online shoppers. 

With the impending Shopping Festival on this fateful date, as a business, it’s a good bet to assume that you’re preparing to shift your operations to a higher gear. After all, it will be a day to look forward to with all the surge in website traffic, transactions, and profits that will go through the ceiling! However, an unavoidable aspect that might cause an unwanted headache with shopping festivals is the demand for prompt and efficient delivery of goods.

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Just 32 Seconds to Find A Lorry Driver - Fastest Record Achieved!


Are you stressed out trying to figure out how to move your bulky items?

Frustrated with logistic service providers not providing you with adequate information?

Tired of constant price negotiations only to end up with an exorbitant price?

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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Lalamove

#1: Multi-stops

Did you know you are saving over 50% of time and money by being able to include stops in your order instead of manually booking single trips? This feature also makes sure that you get to conveniently sort out multiple errands within just 1 transaction!

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Increase Your Business by 200% by Picking The Right Delivery Partner!

The best thing about our fast growing tech and economic climate is that we no longer need to be succumbing to traditional methods of running a business. Long gone are the days where everything had to be done manually or in-house - there’s a platform out there for every business need you might have. One of the most prominent changes is the need to hire and manage your own drivers - be it for internal logistic needs or to provide efficient and reliable deliveries to your customers. Many businesses today have started partnering with third party delivery platforms to assist them with their logistic and delivery needs. This means we can say goodbye to hiring and managing an in-house fleet. This not only saves costs as a whole but assist businesses to focus more on their operations.

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Tips for Your Daily Food Hunt in KL

There are ample choices for restaurants, hawker food, street food, local specialty dishes sold across busy Kuala Lumpur. However, there are many challenges for local food hunters like to explore them all, mostly due to the congested traffic which may prolong travel to foodie destinations which are located in other parts of KL from the departure points. Imagine, spending more than 1-hour from Shah Alam to Seri Kembangan after 6pm just for a famous RM 3.00 Nasi Lemak. It’s not practical or cost-effective, especially when you also consider the petrol or toll charges that occur. By imagining all these possible circumstances, would you normally just give up your food hunting plan and decide to go with the same meal, same restaurant as located in your nearby area?

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