Onboarding FAQs



Why do I need to make a deposit? Is the deposit money refundable?

Security deposit is to ensure that drivers complete the orders accepted, and delivery items are treated with utmost care.

The deposit is fully refundable upon closure of your Lalamove driver account after 3 months.

I already submitted all the document and what is the next step?

For Van and Truck application, we will send you the sticker installion details before verified your account through SMS. Please visit our Lai Chi Kok Office to install sticker within 7 days. 

For motorcycle and walker application, please wait for the approval. 


What do I need to bring for my sticker installation?

If no vehicle information is required to update, please just bring your own vehicle to install sticker. If yes, please whatsapp 60920906 to update your vehicle information before you come to insttall sticker.

How long will the sticker installation take?

It takes only 10 -15 minutes for installing sticker.

How do i reschedule my sticker installation session?

You can follow the below instruction to schedule sticker installation session.
1. Open Lalamove driver apps
2. Click "Profile"
3. Click "Sticker"
4. Choose the date and time

How do I cancel my sticker installation session?

Please reach out 2 days in advance through Whatsapp to 37013703 to cancel / change your sticker installation appointment!

Sticker installation sessions are full. What can I do now?

Please reach out 37013703 for inquiring sticker installation vacancy.

What is the address and opening hours of the sticker center?


Unit A-D, 3/F, West Gate Tower, 7 Wing Hong Street, Lai Chi Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday
10:00- 18:00
(Expect Sunday and Public Holiday)

Can I remove the vehicle sticker after installation?

Lalamove does not recommend delivery partners to remove stickers and does not offer sticker removal services to delivery partners. Delivery partners may not claim driver incentives if stickers are removed from vehicles. Lalamove is not responsible for and delivery partners may not claim any damages to vehicles incurred due to sticker removals. Before installing vehicle stickers, please understand the above details, Lalamove reserves the right of final decision.


What is Lalakit? Why should I buy them?

Lalamove offers a wide range of merchandise to its driver partners - to make their delivery experience easy and worldclass! Together, these items are referred to as lalakit! To purchase Lalakit item, checkout the latest offerings in your driver app in Lalakit module

How should I pay for the items?

You can pay for the selected items when you arrive at the office for collection via PayNow QR Code.

How should I use my Lalakit?

Use it as much as you can, especially taking orders!

How can I cancel/reschedule my pickup session?

Please contact the customer support via the Live Chat in your app for arrangement.


Lalakit Pricing and details:

Lalabag( 40cm X 40cm X39cm):  $200
Mini Lalabag (34cm X 24cm X 26cm):  $130