6 Equipment to be Prepared by Online Driver Partners

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Being an online raid hailing driver partner, requires careful preparation to ensure comfort and safety for both yourself and your passengers. The right equipment not only enhances professionalism but also improves work efficiency. The following is a list of equipment that every online driver partner must have.

List of Equipment that Must Be Prepared


Helmet is the most crucial equipment for every motorcyclist. A good helmet that complies with SNI (Indonesian National Standard) will protect your head from serious injury in the event of an accident. Make sure the helmet has good visibility and is comfortable to use for a long time.


Wind and rainproof jackets are essential to keep the body warm and dry. It can also protect your body from dust and air pollution while on the road. Choose a jacket with comfortable materials and good ventilation to stay comfortable in hot weather.


The weather can change at any time, and as a driver-partner, you must always be ready to face it. A lightweight raincoat that can be easily stored in the trunk of your motorcycle is ideal. Make sure the raincoat is made of durable material that won't tear easily.


Chamois cloths are very useful for wiping the motorcycle from water after rain or washing the motorcycle. Keeping the bike dry and clean not only extends the life of the vehicle, but also gives passengers a professional impression.

Phone Holder

As an online motorcycle taxi driver, navigation and communication apps are a vital part of daily work. A sturdy phone holder will ensure your phone stays safe and easily accessible while riding. Make sure the phone holder can be mounted stably on the motorcycle and does not interfere with the view.

Charger & Power Bank

Using apps all day can quickly drain your phone's battery. Having a motorcycle charger or power bank will be very helpful to make sure your phone stays on while taking orders. Choose a power bank with a large capacity so that it can be used all day without needing to be recharged frequently.

Solution to Add New Money

Being an online motorcycle taxi driver partner does provide sufficient income, but there are ways to increase income. One way is to join Lalamove Ride as a driver partner. Lalamove is a logistics platform that provides opportunities for driver partners to deliver goods, in addition to delivering passengers. By becoming a Lalamove Ride partner, drivers can take additional orders in their spare time and increase their daily income.

Advantages of Being a Lalamove Ride Driver Partner

Flexibility: Can accept orders for passengers or goods according to time availability.

Additional Income: Goods delivery orders can increase daily income.

Various types of orders: Not only focus on passengers, but also goods, so there are more opportunities to get orders.

How to Join Lalamove Ride Driver Partner

  1. Download the Lalamove App: Download the Lalamove Driver app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  2. Register for an Account: Register by filling in your personal data completely and correctly.
  3. Document Verification: Upload the required documents such as KTP, SIM, STNK, and SKCK.
  4. Online Training: Follow the online training provided by Lalamove to understand the work procedures and service standards.
  5. Account Activation: Once all processes are completed and documents are verified, the account will be activated and ready to receive orders.

With the right equipment and joining a platform like Lalamove, online ojek driver partners can increase their comfort, safety, and income. Don't hesitate to keep looking for new opportunities and improve your service quality.

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