Seed To Feed: 16 Places To Order From This Durian Season

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Welcome to the most exciting time of the year — durian season! 

Brace yourselves for the sensational aroma, the creamy texture and the heavenly taste of the King of Fruits.

Whether you're a seasoned durian fan or a brave first-timer, we've compiled a list of the 16 best places that can deliver to your home this durian season. Get ready to savour the gastronomic durian experience from the comfort of your own home!


Klang Valley

Qayl Fruits

Sam's Durian


SCA Fruits Enterprise



Dusun Durian Landak

Ah Tong Durian

Royal Durian JB

Mat Durian Kulai

333 Durian



Sister Durian

JoMi Durian

Durian Cap Tupai Anjung Indah



Durian Heng

Melaka Aiman Durian

Hj Mohammad Durian Tengkera

DA Nature Fruity Empire


1. Qayl Fruits (Klang Valley)

qayl fruits

Qayl Fruits guarantees customer satisfaction by offering a warranty on every durian and allowing customers to inspect the quality of their durians. Their standout variety, the D209 Kang Hai, combines creamy, sweet, and bitter flavours.

Durian Promotions

Enjoy more discounts when you buy at least 3 durians worth RM28 and above. Durian Kampung starts from RM10/kg and Red Prawn starts from RM28/kg.

Shop Durian At Qayl Fruits

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2. Dking (Klang Valley)


Unleash your taste buds with a one-of-a-kind durian experience from Dking! 

They go the extra mile to provide complimentary gloves and a custom-made bag for all orders, making sure that all aspects of your durian experience are covered. 

Prepare to be captivated by their creamy and subtly bitter Premium Black Thorn and Musang King durians, often hailed for their unparalleled taste.

Durian Promotions

Get 2 packs of fresh 300g Musang King for RM88 only

Shop Durian At Dking

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3. Sam's Durian (Klang Valley)

sam king durian

Sam's Durian takes pride in serving durians exclusively sourced from their own farm, assuring quality for customers. 

Their Musang King variety stands out with its unique fertilization and feeding methods, resulting in a distinctive texture and flavour that sets it apart from the rest. 

Durian Promotions

Get their family set of D197 Musang King and D24 X0 sold for RM199 until 11th June 2023. Each box contains 400g freshly packed durian pulps. Customers may also select bitter or sweet durians based on their preferences.

Shop Durian At Sam’s Durian

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4. SCA Fruits Enterprise (Klang Valley)

sca fruits enterprise durian

When it comes to durians in bulk quantity, SCA Fruits is the specialist you've been searching for! 

Whether you're planning a party or even a wedding that will leave a lasting impression, they've got you covered with their regal durian supply. 

If your guests are thoroughly enjoying your durians, you should thank SCA Fruits for providing you with a luxurious range of durians that are fit for royalty!

Durian Promotions

You can purchase 5 kilograms of Musang King, Red Prawn, Tekka and XO durian for prices of RM225, RM150, RM200 and RM150 respectively.

Shop Durian At SCA Fruits Enterprise

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5. Dusun Durian Landak (Johor)

dusun durian landak

Prepare your taste buds for an extraordinary durian experience with Dusun Durian Landak! 

Their selection features the crème de la crème of durians, including the renowned Musang King, Musang Queen and the luscious Black Thorn. 

Durian Promotions

Get Black Thorn durian for RM55 and Musang King for as low as RM30 only.

Shop Durian At Dusun Durian Landak

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6. Ah Tong Durian (Johor)

ah tong durian johor bahru

Ah Tong Durians have garnered such a remarkable reputation that even Singaporeans make the journey just to savour their exquisite durians! 

Their selection boasts a variety of fresh delights, including Musang King, Kanghai, IUI, Red Prawn and many others.

Durian Promotions

Ah Tong offers popular types of durians from as low as RM38/kg.

Shop Durian At Ah Tong Durian

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7. Royal Durian JB (Johor)

royal durian johor bahru

Those in Johor Bahru who love durians don't have to travel far as Royal Durian JB brings the delicious, creamy fruit from Raub, Pahang, for an unforgettable indulging experience.

The crown jewel of their selection is the legendary Old Tree Musang King. And if you're looking to indulge like royalty, don't miss their Musang King Buffet, where you can feast to your heart's content. 

Forget about durian pulps – prepare for a regal durian feast fit for kings!

Durian Promotions

500g of packed Musang King flesh for RM80 and a whole king of Musang King for RM48/kg.

Shop Durian At Royal Durian JB

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8. Mat Durian Kulai (Johor)

mat durian kulai

If you’re looking for more affordable durians but still wouldn’t compromise on their rich taste, durian kampung from Mat Durian Kulai is the best to try.

Don't forget to mix their Durian Kampung gems into heavenly tempoyak for a culinary experience that evokes childhood memories back in your hometown!

Durian Promotions

Get Musang King for RM19, Red Prawn for RM15, IOI for RM15 and durian Kampung for RM7.

Shop Durian At Mat Durian Kulai

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9. 333 Durian (Johor)

333 durian

Experience the vibrant flavours of a diverse durian selection offered by 333 Durian! 

Whether you’re a pro in durian flavours or still a rookie, their fresh variety of durians caters to all taste preferences. Get ready to embark on a delectable durian journey that will surely leave you wanting more!

Durian Promotions

Musang King starts from RM38, XO durian from RM28 and Golden Phoenix from RM35. They also have a fresh variety of durians including Kanghai, Kasap, IOI, Red Prawn, D3, Kampung and Kahwin.

Shop Durian At 333 Durian

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10. Sister Durian (Penang)

sister durian

Sister Durian brings you fresh farm-to-table durians that durian lovers must try. Their most famous variety, Ang Hae, is celebrated for its bittersweet and creamy taste, leaving customers craving more of these delectable treats.

Durian Promotions

Get 1 box of Red Prawn or other types for RM40 and 3 boxes for RM100. Enjoy their buy 3 free 1 promotions and free delivery for a minimum of 3 boxes.

Shop Durian At Sister Durian

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11. JoMi Durian (Penang)

jomi durian balik pulau

If you’re in Balik Pulau, JoMi Durian is hands down a must-try!

They offer an exceptional selection of unique durians, including Tamtut, Sia Hong, Kum Po, 15 Hijau, Musang King, and Durian Hitam.

Durian Promotions

Get 1 box of Musang King for RM50 and 2 boxes for RM90 only.

Shop Durian At JoMi Durian

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12. Durian Cap Tupai Anjung Indah (Penang)

durian cap tupai

Durian Cap Tupai Anjung Indah offers incredibly delicious durians that are also packed with essential nutrients such as antioxidants and phytonutrients, providing a healthy twist without compromising on sweetness. 

Make sure to try their best-selling Tupai King, a regal treat that will leave you craving for more!

Durian Promotions

Enjoy their Musang King for RM50/kg, Black Thorn for RM80/kg, AngHae for RM25/kg, D604, D600, D14 and D11 for RM15/kg.

Shop Durian At Durian Cap Tupai Anjung Indah

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13. Durian Heng (Malacca)

malacca durian heng-1

You may get lost in the variety of durian types Durian Heng has to offer but their true specialty lies in the irresistible Udang Merah. Known for its creamy and thick texture, it’s a must-try for durian connoisseurs.

Durian Promotions

Get their famous Red Prawn durians for RM20/kg. Every purchase of 10kg durians gets free 1kg durian and 20kg of durians gets free 3kg. Durian Kampung is available from RM3.

Shop Durian At Durian Heng

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14. Melaka Aiman Durian (Malacca)

melaka aiman durian

Get ready to go bananas with Melaka Aiman Durian!

You can indulge in their fresh and pocket-friendly selection, featuring mouthwatering varieties like Musang King, Kanghai, Kasap, and more. 

Durian Promotions

With prices starting as low as RM3 for Durian Kampung, this durian haven is a must-visit for all durian enthusiasts! Their Red Prawn Gred A is RM25/kg and Musang King Gred A is RM35/kg.

Shop Durian At Melaka Aiman Durian

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15. Hj Mohammad Durian Tengkera (Malacca)

Hj Mohammad Durian Tengkera

Discover durian heaven at Hj Mohammad Durian Tengkera! This Malacca-based shop sells an assortment of durian fruits, ranging from the luxurious Musang King at RM40 per bundle up to other selections at RM25.

Durian Promotions

Get their mouthwatering Musang King and receive a free jar of Tempoyak with every purchase of two containers of Durian Musang King or 1 container of Durian Kampung Kahwin.

Shop Durian At Hj Mohammad Durian Tengkera

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16. DA Nature Fruity Empire (Malacca)

da nature fruity empire durian

DA Nature Fruity Empire is a durian wonderland you can’t miss during the bountiful season. From the regal Musang King to the tantalizing Black Thorn, they boast an impressive assortment of durians with prices starting at just RM10!

Durian Promotions

They sell a selection of premium durian fruits, such as Musang King, Black Thorn, Red Prawn, Kim Hong, Durian Kahwin and Durian Kampung, available for purchase starting at a low price of RM10.

Shop Durian At DA Nature Fruity Empire

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