How Jemz Group Reduce Its Operational Costs With Lalamove

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After more than a decade in the business, Jemz Group decided to change their business model to adapt to the rapidly growing business development.

With Lalamove, Jemz Group not only adapts to the digitalization culture in their daily operations but also reduces operational costs.

Read on to see how Jemz Group efficiently navigates through changes with Lalamove.


The Importance Of Logistics In Daily Operations


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Founded in 2005 by its managing director, Jemizan Abu Bakar, Jemz Group is a creative design and advertising agency.

Today, Jemz Group offers various services, including e-commerce, printing, and multimedia.

According to Jemizan, logistics play a crucial role, serving as a communication tool to bridge the gap between stakeholders and adapting as part of their business culture.

"Logistics is a communication tool for Jemz Group to offer fast, high-quality, and guaranteed delivery to our customers. That's what makes Jemz Group different from our competitors."

At Jemz Group, daily deliveries range from small items like business cards to bulky deliveries such as event and exhibition materials.

Jemz Group recently entered the event management industry, requiring logistics for event essentials like stage and hall equipment.


The Challenges Of Internal Fleet


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Before registering for a Lalamove Business Account, Jemz Group was already comfortable with the services offered by Lalamove.

However, due to having their fleet, their initial use of Lalamove was not as extensive.

Jemz Group's previous fleet comprised two workers and a van driver.

Increasing demand posed challenges, with up to 40% of deliveries unable to be fulfilled promptly. Additionally, Jemz Group had to enlist other staff to assist with deliveries.


Savings Up to RM3,000 With Lalamove


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Logistic challenges for Jemz Group persisted through the Covid-19 pandemic, prompting a change in their business model.

Jemizan stated that the pandemic forced them to revamp various aspects of their business to ensure continuity.

Therefore, Jemz Group registered for a Lalamove Business Account and fully utilized Lalamove's extensive fleet for their logistics needs.

With Lalamove, Jemizan mentioned they enjoy significant cost savings.

For example, a private fleet incurred costs of RM4,500, covering employee salaries, overtime, and vehicle operating costs.

"But with Lalamove, I can save RM3,000. My current costs with Lalamove are less than RM1,000, and I can achieve maximum deliveries."

Jemizan also added that a private fleet couldn't handle diverse items at once due to vehicle limitations, requiring them to wait for a van driver to complete deliveries before proceeding to the next one.

"Lalamove helps us deliver many orders to various places at once," said Jemizan.


How Lalamove Supports Major Projects


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With the advantages offered by Lalamove, Jemz Group is more confident in taking on large-scale projects. Their biggest project, lasting 90 consecutive days, required efficient transportation of deliveries from various locations.

"For this project, I used a 14-foot Lalamove Large Lorry and scheduled orders to be delivered in the morning and picked up in the afternoon."

"All deliveries ran smoothly for 90 consecutive days, and we received positive feedback from all parties involved," he added.

Complete Your Business With Lalamove

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You can enjoy various business logistics benefits, including managing your Lalamove account.

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