A Case Study of Jubin Cantik's Success with Lalamove

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Efficiency is paramount in the bustling world of home decor and tile supply. 

Jubin Cantik, a company started in 2016, understands the importance of meeting customer needs by improving delivery logistics. 

In this blog, Jubin Cantik tells us how they seamlessly integrated Lalamove into their operations, changing their delivery process and enhancing customer satisfaction.


A Humble Beginning

In the beginning, Jubin Cantik supplied home decor items and patterned tiles to a niche market.

According to its warehouse manager, Amirul Akmal, as Jubin Cantik demand soared, the company recognised the need to expand its reach and streamline its operations. 


jubin cantik tiles displayed on the wall at their kajang showroom


Located in Kajang and Shah Alam, their showrooms feature more than 300 distinctive designs, distinguishing themselves from a market saturated with generic options.

Despite their growing popularity, Jubin Cantik faced challenges in promptly delivering orders, particularly as demand diversified. 

“Our customers spread across Selangor and beyond sought timely deliveries tailored to their preferences.”

“It was proven that traditional delivery methods proved inadequate in meeting these evolving needs. So we had to seek alternative solutions,” Amirul recalled.


How To Achieve Faster Tile Delivery?

Enter Lalamove. 

Recognizing the flexibility and efficiency offered by the on demand delivery platform, Jubin Cantik swiftly integrated Lalamove into its operations. 


rakan pemandu lalamove mengambil pesanan jubin cantik


Whether it was delivering within the Klang Valley or venturing further into neighbouring states, Lalamove provided the agility and reliability they sought.

Plus, they have a team that handles orders and uses 4x4 pickups to meet high demand.


Smoother Transition To On-Demand Delivery

The transition to Lalamove marked a turning point for Jubin Cantik. 

Leveraging the platform's user-friendly interface, they seamlessly coordinated deliveries based on customer preferences and urgency. 


jubin cantik tiles are imported from various countries


From homeowners to contractors and interior designers, their diverse clientele benefited from the newfound efficiency in delivery timelines. 

With its expansive network and prompt service, Lalamove now accomplishes what once took days within hours.


Finishing Results


pengurus warehouse jubin cantik bersama rakan pemandu lalamove


The impact of integrating Lalamove was immediate and profound.

In fact, Jubin Cantik saved money by improving delivery routes and made customers happier with on-time and flexible deliveries.

Many people started ordering early because they heard about the reliable service. Orders surged, especially for holidays like Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, and Deepavali.


Key Takeaways With Lalamove Partnership

Jubin Cantik's partnership with Lalamove changed the game in a competitive market focused on customer experience.

Here are some key takeaways from their partnership with Lalamove:

Flexibility is Key

Adapting to customer preferences and market demands is crucial for staying ahead in the industry.

Embrace Innovation

Leveraging technology can bring positive growth to operations and enhance overall efficiency.

Customer-Centric Approach:

Putting customers first lays the foundation for long-term success and growth.


Deliver Tiles And More With Lalamove

By using new ideas and adjusting to market changes, they solved problems and improved their brand's image. 

Their journey shows how technology can change business models, leading to growth and success.

Jubin Cantik's success story inspires businesses to thrive in a changing marketplace.

If you’re looking for faster and affordable tile delivery, reach out to our Sales team today at bd.sales@lalamove.my

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