Driver Carries and Additional Assistants Service Terms

PLEASE READ THESE DRIVER CARRIES AND ADDITIONAL ASSISTANCES SERVICE TERMS (“DRIVER CARRIES TERMS”) CAREFULLY BEFORE REQUESTING FOR DRIVER CARRIES AND/OR ADDITIONAL ASSISTANTS SERVICE. These terms are applied whenever the User requests for Driver Carries or Additional Assistant/s and shall be deemed a part of the User Terms & Conditions (“User Terms”). Your access and use of the Driver Carries and/or Additional Assistant constitute your agreement to be bound by both the Driver Carries Terms hereof and the User Terms.


  1. Through our Software, you can submit a request for a Delivery Partner to  load and unload from the vehicle an item with maximum weight limit of 50kgs under Driver Carries function. In addition, you can also submit a request for the Delivery Partner to provide additional manpower (the “Additional Assistant/s”) who will assist in the pick up of the items you specify and who may assist in the loading, unloading, moving, hauling or lifting of the items. All these requests shall be charged separately in accordance with the existing rates published on the Software.

  2. You acknowledge that Lalamove does not provide moving or function as a transport or moving carrier and you agree that Lalamove has no responsibility or liability to you related to any moving provided to you by the Delivery Partner or the Additional Assistants requested by you through the use of the Additional Services other than as expressly set forth in these terms.

  3. Lalamove does not guarantee the performance of the Delivery Partner or the provided Additional Assistants. By using the Software, you acknowledge that use of the services of the Delivery Partner for transport of items including Driver Carries function and services to be provided by Additional Assistants  requested using the Software  is at your own risk and judgment. Lalamove shall not have any liability arising from or in any way related to your transactions or relationship with the Delivery Partner. Lalamove is not responsible for any loss or damages (including physical damages, lost revenues, personal injuries, financial damages or losses, or any other loss or damage) suffered by you or any third party as a result of a Delivery Partner’s performance while providing the services to you. Lalamove does not vouch or make any representations regarding the Additional Assistants that the Delivery Partner may bring in relation to your request for assistance to provide hauling and moving of items. All such services rendered by the Delivery Partner and Additional Assistants are the obligations and liability of the Delivery Partner alone.

  4. You represent and warrant that you are either the owners or the authorized agents of the owners of the items and you have all right, title and permission to request and allow the loading, unloading, moving, or lifting of any items, and that the performance of the services hereunder by a Delivery Partner or Additional Assistants will not result in the violation of any third party's ownership or privacy rights.

  5. The Delivery Partner and the Additional Assistants will not help wrap items or pack boxes. It is expected that you will have everything properly packed and ready for transport before your Delivery Partner arrives. The Delivery Partner and Additional Assistants also do not offer installation or removal of any appliances. Lalamove and the Delivery Partner shall not be liable for any loss or damages (including physical damages, lost revenues, personal injuries, financial damages or losses, or any other loss or damage) suffered by you or any third party as a result of improper packing.

  6. If you require extra protection for your items or other special requirements, please communicate with the Delivery Partner in advance. You understand that the Delivery Partner, at its sole discretion, decides whether to accept such requirements or not. If the Delivery Partner decides to accept such requirements, additional charge for such requirement may apply at the Delivery Partner’s sole discretion. You shall give to the Delivery Partners sufficient, accurate and executable instructions or orders. Any extra costs arising from the difference between your provided information and the actual situation or facts involved shall be borne by you.

  7. If you did not select Driver Carries or Additional Assistants while placing your order, it will be left to the Delivery Partner’s discretion to either continue with the order or kindly ask you to cancel your order. Please be informed that all the above clauses are applicable if the Delivery Partner decides to continue the order.