5 Tips to Maximize the Space of a Moving Lorry


There used to be a simpler time when we get that odd feeling of satisfaction in a game of Tetris. It’s the little victories that kept us going whenever we managed to score that perfect horizontal line from the cascading pixelated blocks.


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How To Save Money When Moving


Here’s a reality check when it comes to moving: it can be a pricey affair.

However, cost-savings favour the savvy ones! It is possible to keep your moving expenses under control, thanks to a few ingenuities that can cut corners on your budget.

Here, we’d like to share six moving tips that will not only save you heaps of cash but will also make things simpler and reduce the amount of work up front and on the unpacking side as well.

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Things That You Shouldn't Overlook When Moving


The countdown to the big day is getting nearer, boxes of personal items are piling up, and the number of tasks in the to-do list is slowly shrinking. No matter how overwhelming the moving experience can be, given the right frame of mind and process, packing up your whole life for a new home can be enjoyable.

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