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  • Things That You Shouldn't Overlook When Moving


    The countdown to the big day is getting nearer, boxes of personal items are piling up, and the number of tasks in the to-do list is slowly shrinking. No matter how overwhelming the moving experience can be, given the right frame of mind and process, packing up your whole life for a new home can be enjoyable.

    Your list of moving priorities may include multiple tasks, but chief among them is hiring a moving service since this is the job where all the action happens. Furthermore, with our recently launched lorry service,hiring a lorry with helpers for moving will be easier since you can request it through our app in advance or if you need one at the eleventh hour.

    With a secured reservation of a lorry or two and a list of tasks that are mostly crossed out, is there anything else that might have escaped your house-moving radar? Here, we compile a list of things that may not necessarily rank up high in your priorities, but will significantly contribute to a stress-free moving experience:

    1. Keep Your Frozen Food Ice (can’t resist the pun!) and Tasty

    Have you ever experienced the aftermath of a refrigerator after an extended power outage? It’s not a pretty sight, that much we can tell you. For the sake of your frozen chicken nuggets, remember to defrost your refrigerator the night before you move out and lay down some towels to absorb the thawing ice.

    2. This One Goes Here, and That One Goes…Where?

    Take pictures of electronic connections before you unplug them. This way, you have a reference to reconnect the labyrinth of cables for your home entertainment system.

    3. Anonymous Boxes

    Instead of explicitly labeling your boxes about its contents, why not just label them with alphanumerics? Keep a separate list in your hands that spell out the actual contents of each labeled box. After all, the last thing you want is to attract unwanted attention towards your box with a sticker that reads “Game console - laptop - stereo system.” It's better to err on the side of caution!

    4. Don’t Forget Your Lifeline

    This point is the most important of all in this list! If you’re required to consume medications periodically, pack your lifesaving sustenance in a bag and keep it within your reach the whole time. Rummaging through sealed boxes to find your drugs when you need it most add unwanted complications to not only your being but also the house moving process.

    Last but not least, make sure you’re not leaving anything behind to avoid extra charges for return trips to pick up forgotten items. As always, do reserve your lorry and helpers in advance with our app to avoid the hassle of last-minute moving arrangements. With an earlier heads up, you can have more opportunities to discuss with our lorry drivers if you need to reserve a 1-ton lorry or a 3-ton lorry for your moving needs.

    Make your moving arrangements easier with our lorry service. Download our app to start moving!

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