Pet Transportation Terms

PLEASE READ THESE TERMS CAREFULLY BEFORE ACCESSING OR USING THE PET TRANSPORTATION SERVICE. These terms are applied to Pet Transportation Service and shall be deemed a part of the Terms. Your access and use of the Pet Transportation Service constitute your agreement to be bound by both the terms hereof and the Terms.


  1. The type of vehicle that can provide the Pet Transportation Service includes Van only.

  2. The types of pets that can be transported only include domesticated animals.

  3. Pets are not allowed unless restrained with a leash, harness, or placed in a crate or carrier. You represent and warrant that such protective measures will ensure the safety and health of your pet during transportation. Lalamove and the Delivery Partner shall not be liable for any damage or loss to your pet as a result of your improper protective measures.

  4. You represent and warrant that your pet is healthy and in good physical condition and that it is neither dangerous nor aggressive. Valid health certificate and license of your pet shall be provided if requested by the Delivery Partner. You acknowledge that providing a health certificate and license does not disclaim any liability caused by your pet.

  5. The number of pets being transported is limited to no more than five per trip. If you have more than five pets, please inform the Delivery Partner first. It would be up to the discretion of the Delivery Partner to allow extra pets.

  6. If you have any special requirements for pet transportation, please communicate with the Delivery Partner in advance. You understand that the Delivery Partner, at its sole discretion, decides whether to accept such requirements or not. If the Delivery Partner decides to accept such requirements, additional charge for such requirement may apply at the Delivery Partner’s sole discretion.

  7. You are responsible for ensuring your pet does not cause concern or risk to the Delivery Partner at all times during the transportation. The Delivery Partner always has the right to refuse pets they deem unsafe or uncontrolled. You are responsible for any injuries to your pet that are not caused by the Delivery Partner during the transportation.

  8. You are responsible for any damage to property, injury to individuals, or to other animals caused by your pet while being transported. You shall indemnify and hold harmless Lalamove and the Delivery Partner from any claim or loss resulting from such damage and/or injury. You understand that if your pet leaves waste, excessive hair, or damages the vehicle, a cleaning fee may be charged for such damage at the Delivery Partner’s sole discretion.

  9. You shall provide in respect of each delivery all necessary information. In the event that the recipient is found to be absent from the address specified, no other person is present to take the pet(s), the Delivery Partner will contact you and attempt to return the pet(s) back to you. In the event the Delivery Partner cannot reach you at the number provided, the Delivery Partner may attempt to redeliver the pet(s) to the recipient. You agree that the unclaimed pet(s) which the recipient or User cannot be contacted will be delivered to Lalamove’s authorized pet care organization. In the event none picks the pet(s) within 48 hours, the pet care organization shall have the sole discretion to handle the pet(s). Any charges for additional handling and further transportation will be borne by you. Should a re-transportation of pet(s) be needed, a new transportation order will be placed and billed.

  10. If you did not select pet transportation service while placing your order, it will be left to the Delivery Partner’s discretion to either continue with the order or kindly ask you to cancel your order. Please be informed that all the above clauses are applicable if the Delivery Partner decides to continue the order.