Meet Nava: Balancing Motherhood And Adventure As A Lalamove Driver

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It’s no secret that many of our driver partners are avid travellers. After all, many of them joined Lalamove just to boost their income to save up for travelling!

Sounds fun, right?

This Mother’s Day, we spoke to a happy-go-lucky Nava Neeta, a Lalamove 4x4 Pickup driver who's not only a globetrotter but also a loving mother of one.

Read this blog to find out how she balances motherhood with her career as well as her iconic trips to Paris and Langkawi, supported by her job as a part-time Lalamove driver!


Hello Nava, how long have you been a Lalamove driver?

I was a full-time Lalamove driver for about three months.

This was during a period when I took a break from being a Senior Human Resources executive as my full-time job. After I started working again, I continued my job as a Lalamove driver partner.


What do you like about doing Lalamove?

The thing that I enjoy the most is I get to meet a lot of people, and when I help my customers, they appreciate me. It has become my entertainment too because I enjoy meeting new people.


lalamove driver nava driving her 4x4 pickup truck


Can you describe your first day as a Lalamove driver? Was it challenging?

Yes, it was. I remember I wrongly picked up an item that I wasn’t supposed to deliver. But after that, I immediately learned from my mistakes and double-checked the orders before delivering them.


Do you have tips for new drivers?

If you want to start doing Lalamove, I suggest starting with nearby orders. Once you are confident, you can start taking further orders.


lalamove driver nava with her husband strolling in the park


What’s your hidden talent?

I can handle people’s emotions. I know how to calm down my partner and my son. My teenage son.


How do you do it?

The way we talk. You should know when to be strict or calm. You must adjust your voice tone to make things smooth. I learned this from my experiences as an HR professional.


Do you apply this method as a Lalamove driver partner?

Yes, of course!

When it comes to introducing ourselves and meeting customers, we have to greet them.

We should communicate better with customers about our needs and accommodate theirs.

When facing challenges during deliveries, it’s always important to communicate and remain calm.


As a mother, how do you balance motherhood with your career?

My son is a teenager and he’s very independent. As a mother, I help and guide him, especially with education.

I motivate him a lot, and I can be quite strict with him because I don’t want him to go down the wrong path. 

Nowadays, it’s easy for our children to get influenced. So when I’m busy, my husband will support me in taking care of our son.


What’s the biggest sacrifice you’ve made as a mother?

I don’t put myself as a priority. I always prioritise my family first to make sure that their needs are met.


lalamove driver nava showing a newspaper clip of her trip to paris with family


What’s your favourite memory with your son?

We went to Paris together in December 2023. We were there for 13 days.

Initially, it was supposed to be just my husband and me since Paris is known as the city of love, but we decided to bring my son along. 

It was a very memorable experience. Seeing the Eiffel Tower was amazing, and my husband giving me earrings in Paris was one of the sweetest moments ever.


lalamove driver nava shows a photo of her langkawi trip with my family that was supported by her being a lalamove driver


Have you gone on a trip with the income you earned with Lalamove?

Yes, I have! With the savings that I earned as a driver partner, I went to Langkawi with my family for a short holiday a few months ago.


What’s the sweetest thing your son has done for you?

Once, for my birthday, he bought me an eyeshadow palette. He also wrote lyrics on the birthday card and sang it to me. It was really sweet.

My son also encouraged my husband to buy gifts for me during our Paris trip. *laughs*

My son knows how to advise my husband on how to be more understanding of my needs. Every Mother’s Day, he'd buy me gifts.

Sometimes it’s just a small gift, but I still appreciate the gesture.



More Than Just A Delivery Hero

At Lalamove, our driver partners such as Nava are more than just our everyday delivery heroes.

They are a hero to their family too!

As we celebrate Mother's Day, let's take a moment to honour the dedication and love of all mothers, including Nava, who tirelessly balance careers, family and their dreams. 

Happy Mother's Day to all the incredible moms out there!

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