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Lalamove Malaysia

How To Cash Out Your Income As A Lalamove Delivery Partner

As a Lalamove delivery partner, it’s a joyful moment when you’ve reached your weekly income target! 

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Lalamove Malaysia

Fleet Management: Everything You Need To Manage Your Fleet In One Place

Calling all fleet owners:

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motorcycles delivery

How A Lalabag Can Help You Fulfil More Orders (And Earn More!)

As a Lalamove rider, we’re always looking for ways to improve our delivery service and get the best returns from all that hard work on the road.

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Lalamove Malaysia

Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should Be A Lalamove Delivery Partner

You might be wondering if working as a delivery partner has the same benefits as typical 9-5 jobs.

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Mutton Curry and Family Bonding - Here’s What Makes Deepavali So Special To Our Rider!

When it comes to holidays, nothing feels better than celebrating in your hometown! The feeling you get when your siblings, grandparents, and even childhood friends gather to celebrate a festival is...

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