5 Basic Requirements To Join As A Lalamove Ride Driver Partner

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It’s coming! It’s coming!

Lalamove is spreading its wings to the e-hailing territory. 

Of course, we couldn’t do it without you, our valued driver partners!

If this news got you excited like a kid in a candy store, let’s walk through the FIVE basic requirements you need to join us:


What Are The Benefits?


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With Lalamove, you can earn income anytime and anywhere you want.

Whether you’re driving passengers to their destinations on your weekend or between lunch breaks, it’s up to you!

Because why spend your free time doing nothing when you can occupy your time with something that can bring you money?

Here are 5 basic things you need to join us as a Lalamove Ride driver partner:


1. Malaysian Aged 21 Years Above


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To join us, you need to be 21 years old and above.

If you’re fresh out of high school… sorry, kid! You've got to wait a few more years to join us.

But, please do come back once you reach the minimum age!


2. Owns A Valid Driver License

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To be our DRIVER partner, you’d need a valid driving license!

(Hey, don’t tell us you’ve been driving around with a fake one)

If you don’t already have one, it’s time to head to your nearest driving school to get one.


3. Owns A PSV License


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PSV stands for Public Service Vehicle License.

This license is super duper crucial for every ride-hailing driver to own one.

As a PSV license holder, it gives you the pass to drive passengers to their destinations without any worry! 

If you are an existing Lalamove driver partner without a PSV license, it’s time to pay a visit to your nearest JPJ office to get one.


4. Your Car Needs To Be Less Than 15 Years Old

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Starting in 2023, the Land Public Transport Agency (APAD) has implemented the 15-year age limit for any ride-hailing vehicles.

This means that any cars that exceed the age limit will not be allowed to be used for ride-hailing.

To abide by the rules set by APAD, Lalamove is committed to following the rules to ensure the safety of the driver and passengers.

In this case, cars with an age of more than 15 years will be automatically rejected by Lalamove.


5. Owns A Smartphone

owns a smartphone

Everything is now at our fingertips, right? 

From buying food for lunch, shopping for new clothes or even earning extra income!

As Lalamove Ride will be available in our mobile app, you need to have a smartphone to accept orders.

It’s preferable to have a smartphone with iOS 11 and above or an Android 6.0 and above to enjoy the seamless experience.


It's So Easy To Be Our Ride Driver

So, do these requirements fit you?

If yes, it’s time to be our Ride driver partners!

You also will earn up to RM1000 when you refer your friends to join us. That’s another way to maximise your income! 

That’s not all, there are more benefits await when you sign up as a Lalamove Ride driver.

What are you waiting for? Jom sign up cepat-cepat!

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