The 24/7 on-demand delivery app

Frustrated by the analogue process of using call centres to book delivery vehicles, coupled with the lack of transparency in pricing and availability, a group of problem solvers got together to create their own digital solution.

Lalamove was born to make on-demand delivery possible for everyone at the touch of a button. Through a single app, users could gain access to a wide fleet of delivery vehicles, 24 hours a day, helmed by professional drivers.

To schedule a delivery, simply input the pick up and drop off locations, choose the vehicle type you require and get connected with a nearby driver.

Every part of your delivery can be managed effortlessly with the Lalamove app. From live-tracking the delivery journey to making digital payments and reviewing your delivery activities, the all-in-one delivery app is fast and simple to use.

Lalamove solves last-mile delivery issues for businesses of all sizes. From independent brick and mortar stories to restaurants, retail outlets and e-commerce companies, we help enterprises across all industries to scale their deliveries according to their needs.

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