Here's The New 'Self-Edit' Order Feature You've Been Waiting For!

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We’re certain that some of you must have noticed by now, nevertheless, we’d like to introduce our new ‘self-edit’ order feature that we’ve introduced, on our mobile & website app platform. This new feature is to ensure that amending of drop-off location details is a hassle-free, convenient and smooth process for everyone. 

Do you recall the last time you placed an order, only to realise that there was a mistake in the drop-off location? 

Well, not to worry, we heard you, because with this newly added feature, you can now edit your orders without the tedious process from before. You can add, remove or change the drop-off locations, after placing an order and before it has been picked up.  

However, do take note that there is a limit of 1 edit per delivery order and that there may be a decrease or increase in the final price depending on the changes made to the drop-off location. 

Scroll further & check out the 4 simple steps to edit your drop-off location details. 


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