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Stop worrying about owning and managing a fleet.
One of our thousands of trained drivers are nearby ready for your request.

Lalamove Benefit Account servicing to assist your delivery needs

Account Servicing

All corporate accounts have an appointed account specialist to assist you for your delivery needs.

Lalamove Benefit Cashless payments through your digital wallet

Cashless payments

Easily pay for all your orders through your digital Wallet. Track your order and payment history with one click!

Lalamove Benefit Contact Lalamove corporate service hotline to learn more

Lalamove Corporate Service Hotline

To learn more, please contact Lalamove Corporate Services directly at 37013739 !

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Lalamove Partners Trusted by companies
Lalamove Partners Trusted by companies

“Lalamove offers instant delivery to our users. Reliable service and helpful drivers! Nice!”


“Our business requires immediate feedback. We have never seen an applications with such a fast feedback. The instant matching is completed within 20 seconds. We can find our designated driver each time! Amazing!”

— IBR-Asia

“Lalamove offers a sincere, punctual delivery service.”

— SunnyHills

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