Are millennials right about the way they want delivery?

Millennials care less about shipping cost, and more about timing than older generations do.

A 2013 survey has revealed that when breaking down time vs cost preferences by generation, cost becomes increasingly important to older generations while timing decreases. The study also shown that the the importance of same-day delivery is prioritized by millennials when it comes to online retailers.

Is same-day delivery a generation thing?

Are Millennials always on-the-go and you wouldnโ€™t catch them if you have those deliveries coming in 3-5 working days? There could be numerous factors behind this trend but overall, the best customer experience is to have the product you bought online in your lap within the day of purchase.

Older generations on the other hand would rather have bang for the buck and opt for next-day delivery if it saves them money. Though of course this isnโ€™t always the case.

To summarize the study, same-day and next-day delivery has advantages and disadvantages over the other. Next-day delivery trumps the former money-wise. Same-day on the other hand will give customers the pleasure of express delivery and the opportunity to check the actual product for defects and have it returned or replaced faster.

Fast-forward to 2018, now we have this thing called โ€œon-demand deliveryโ€. It's kind of different to same-day delivery in few aspects. With on-demand delivery, youโ€™ll know what time of the day you will be able to receive the package, deliveries are easily traceable and delivery guys are easy to contact. Just what every millennial need.

On-demand delivery has been the best trade of Lalamove all over Southeast Asia since 2013. Rest assured, we can make your deliveries fast and easy.


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