Standard Rates
SG_bike-01-01.png Motorcycle
Weight Limit: 20KG
Size Limit (L x W x H): 50x50x50cm
Price: Base fare ฿48
(0-30Km):;+ ฿7.2/Km
(31+Km):;+ ฿14/Km
Min. Charge: ฿60
SG_car-01.png Hatchback
Weight Limit: 100KG
Size Limit (L x W x H): 115 X 115 X 80cm
Price: Base fare ฿240 + ฿12/Km
SG_lorry-01-01.png Pick-Up Truck
Weight Limit: 1,000KG
Size Limit (L x W x H): 170 X 150 X 170 cm
Price: Base fare ฿450 + ฿15/Km
Additional Charges
SG_bike-01-01.png Motorcycle
Purchase Service: ฿25
Round trip: ฿75
Food Delivery Box: ฿0
Document Processing: ฿40
Mailing Service: ฿40
COD: ฿40
Additional Stop: ฿25
SG_car-01.png Hatchback
Round trip ฿300
Door to door (by driver) ฿150
Additional Stop ฿50
SG_lorry-01-01.png Pick-Up Truck
Round trip: ฿300
Extra height of 1.9M (standard is 1.7M): ฿100
Extra length of 2M (standard is 1.7M): ฿100
Door to door (by driver): ฿150
Door to door (by driver + worker): ฿350
Additional Stop: ฿50
holiday_charge.png After hours surcharge
9:00pm - 11:59pm Motorcycle:฿50
Pick-up Truck:฿100
12:00am - 6:59am Motorcycle:฿100
Pick-up Truck:฿200
waitingtime.png Waiting Time Charge

*after driver arrives
(Surcharge will be imposed if you keep our driver waiting more than 25 minutes)

For first hour: Motorcycle:฿50
Pick-up Truck:฿100
After the first hour: Motorcycle:฿100/hrs
Pick-up Truck:฿200/hrs
OTHER_CHARGE.png Cancellation Fee*
Immediate Motorcycle:฿50
Pick-up Truck:฿450
Advance Motorcycle /Hatchback/ Pick-up Truck:
50% of delivery fee excluding additional surcharge

*Cancellation fees will be charged when a user cancels an order and a driver arrives at pick up point. A user will be paid for cancellation fee to the driver following the cancellation fee terms and conditions.