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  • Delivering Care during COVID-19: Lalamove is continuing to support the public and businesses for delivery needs during this period. However, we take the safety of our driver partners and customers seriously and have taken necessary precautions for safer deliveries.

    Standard Rates

    Bike Motorcycle
    Weight Limit: 20 kg
    Size Limit
    (L × W × H):
    50 × 50 × 50 cm
    Price: Base fare ฿48
    (0-30 km):+ ฿7.2/km
    (31+km):+ ฿14/km
    Min. Charge: ฿60
    Hatchback Hatchback
    Weight Limit: 100 kg
    Size Limit
    (L × W × H):
    115 × 115 × 80 cm
    Price: Base fare ฿190 + ฿12/km
    Pickup Truck Pick-Up Truck
    Weight Limit: 1,000 kg
    Size Limit
    (L × W × H):
    170 × 150 × 170 cm
    Price: Base fare ฿400 + ฿15/km

    Additional Charges

    SG_bike-01-01.png Motorcycle
    Purchase Service: ฿25
    Round trip: ฿75
    Food Delivery Box: ฿0
    Document Processing: ฿40
    Mailing Service: ฿40
    COD: ฿40
    Additional Stop: ฿25
    SG_car-01.png Hatchback
    Round trip ฿300
    Door to door
    (by driver)
    Additional Stop ฿50
    Pick-Up Truck
    Round trip: ฿300
    Extra height of 1.9M
    (standard is 1.7M):
    Extra length of 2M
    (standard is 1.7M):
    Door to door
    (by driver):
    Door to door
    (by driver + worker):
    Additional Stop: ฿50
    holiday_charge.png After hours
    9:00pm - 11:59pm Motorcycle: ฿50
    Hatchback: ฿100
    Pick-up Truck: ฿100
    12:00am - 6:59am Motorcycle: ฿100
    Hatchback: ฿200
    Pick-up Truck: ฿200
    waitingtime.png Waiting Time Charge
    *after driver arrives
    (Surcharge will be imposed if you keep our driver waiting more than 25 minutes)
    For first hour: Motorcycle: ฿50
    Hatchback: ฿100
    Pick-up Truck ฿100
    After the first hour: Motorcycle: ฿100/hrs
    Hatchback: ฿200/hrs
    Pick-up Truck: ฿200/hrs
    OTHER_CHARGE.png Cancellation Fee*
    Immediate Motorcycle: ฿50
    Hatchback: ฿190
    Pick-up Truck: ฿400
    Advance Motorcycle/
    Pick-up Truck:
    50% of delivery fee excluding additional surcharge

    * Cancellation fees will be charged when a user cancels an order and a driver arrives at pick up point. A user will be paid for cancellation fee to the driver following the cancellation fee terms and conditions.

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