Lalamove Sponsors Youth Basketball Team at WELL DUNK! Public Estate Basketball League

Nurturing the next generation and promoting local basketball culture

(Hong Kong, November 30, 2021) – Lalamove, a leading 24/7 on-demand delivery platform, today announced its sponsorship of a youth basketball team in partnership with local non-profit organization InspiringHK Sports Foundation (InspiringHK), under the Foundation’s third WELL DUNK! Public Estate Basketball League and Training Programme. The programme offers teenagers professional basketball training for a duration of eight months and the exciting opportunity to compete in a basketball league. The collaboration seeks to bring together like-minded youngsters and inspire them with the spirit of endurance and sportsmanship. 

Lalamove endeavors to engage and contribute to local communities through its Deliver Care programme. InspiringHK’s vision of “Better Youths, Through Sports” and initiatives to provide grassroot youth communities with equal learning opportunities, as well as promote healthy lifestyle and social inclusion, echo with Lalamove’s dedication to serve and give back to society. 

Jat Min Turbo, the basketball team sponsored by Lalamove, is joined by 15 students aged 13 to 17 from Jat Min Chuen or the neighbourhood. By engaging these youngsters from the underprivileged community. Shing Chow, Lalamove’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer, is a sports enthusiast and strong believer of health as the source of well-being in life, a notion that he wishes to introduce to the young participants living in Sha Tin, where he was raised.

The team name “Jat Min Turbo” symbolises the players’ passion to power through hurdles to pursue their basketball dream. Professional coach David Poon will lead the 15 players to participate in 24 games and 32 training sessions as they compete for the championship at Southorn Stadium.

The Lalamove team will also interact with the youth basketball team through friendly matches and experience sharing, to inspire, motivate and mentor the students. 

Jat Min Turbo played a fierce game at Tuen Mun Butterfly Estate on Saturday

Paul Loo, Chief Operating Officer of Lalamove said “Playing team sports help young people build perseverance and team spirit. I have some fond school memories playing basketball too. By collaborating with InspiringHK, Lalamove hopes to provide more opportunities for young people to cultivate their interest in sports and inspire them to face challenges with a positive attitude.“

Edmond Yip, Board Chairman of InspiringHK said “Through WELL DUNK!, we are making sure young people from different social classes have access to professional basketball training and to support their growth. We are pleased to see more companies sponsoring our programme and encouraging employees to share their life experience that will inspire and empower the youths to overcome hurdles in life. We will continue to engage different sectors in the society and contribute to the grassroot youth community.”

Organised by InspiringHK, WELL DUNK! is Hong Kong’s first public estate basketball league and training programme. In its third year, the programme sees 36 teams compete for the championship through a six-month tournament which officially began on November 27. Lalamove-sponsored Jat Min Turbo has just competed in their first match on Saturday. The public is welcome to come and support Jat Min Turbo at their matches. See more information on the WELL DUNK! website at

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