Lalamove x SPCA Pet Delivery Surcharge Donation Campaign

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(Hong Kong SAR, April 21, 2021) Lalamove has launched a Pet Delivery Surcharge Donation Campaign in collaboration with The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). Pet owners can share their love for animals in need, while taking their furry loved ones on a Lalamove ride. 

From now till May 31, Lalamove is donating the $10 Pet Delivery Surcharge from every  order with the pet ride option enabled to the SPCA. The funds will be used to support its important welfare efforts for homeless animals.

Pet owners in Hong Kong need never worry about getting around the city with their furry little buddies in tow ever again. With Lalamove, owners  can get a ride anytime, anywhere. With just a few taps of the Lalamove app, pet owners can travel with their beloved friends to the park, a pet fair or even a pet-friendly restaurant in the city. The restriction of pets on the city’s public transport should never stop a fun outing, and now it doesn’t have to with Lalamove’s pet-inclusive rides!  

SPCA’s spokesperson remarked, “We appreciate the generous support from Lalamove. Through this donation campaign, we hope to promote the spirit of ‘animals helping animals’, offering pet owners a great opportunity to extend their love for their pets to those less fortunate creatures. Our concerted efforts will take us one step closer to a pet-friendly city.”

LALAPET: Special offer for bringing your pets along for the ride

While contributing to a meaningful cause, pet owners riding with Lalamove can also enjoy the “LALAPET” special promotional offer. Launched in February,  the campaign has been well received by pet lovers across town, who unlocked a special discount of up to $30 when they book a ride with pets using the “LALAPET” coupon code. The offer has been extended due to popular demand until May 31.

Five simple steps to enjoy the LALAPET offer and  donate to SPCA

  1. Go to the Wallet and redeem Coupon before placing order

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  1. Enter promotion code ‘LALAPET’ and click add, the coupon will be automatically added to your Wallet

*$30 off for new users and $20 off for existing users. Each user can use the promo code to redeem once. 

Lalamove x SPCA Pet Delivery Surcharge Donation Campaign-2

3. Set the route and select the car type to place the order.

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4. Select “Pets” in Additional Services. The $10 Pet Surcharge will be donated to SPCA.

Lalamove x SPCA Pet Delivery Surcharge Donation Campaign-4

5. Enter your contact details and check the price for your ride. The coupon with the highest value in your Wallet will be automatically used for your order.

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