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7 Practical Reasons Why You Should Deliver With Lalamove

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Are you using Lalamove solely to deliver a single item from point A to point B? If you are, then you've made the right choice!

But as it turns out, there's more to our app than one-way deliveries. Here are a few tricks up our sleeves that you can use to optimise the Lalamove app. You going to love #7, we can promise you that!:


1. Multistops

Did you know you can save up to 50% of your time and money when you request multiple deliveries in one trip instead of requesting separate deliveries? Just press '+ Add stop' in the app to add multiple addresses if you need to deliver to more than one destination.


Press add stop to add multiple stops


2. Remarks Section 

Getting a delivery driver or rider that can't fulfil the finer details of your delivery request is a bummer. Avoid this frustration by writing down your requirements in the 'Remarks'. The content in 'Remarks' will be visible to our delivery partners for their attention. 


Remarks for Lalamove delivery partner


3. Medium To Large Vehicle For Moving

Moving a computer desk? Need to deliver a queen-size bed from the furniture mall to your house? Or finally, moving from a rented house to your dream house? Lalamove has a complete range of vehicles to meet your large-scale deliveries and moving needs.

Choose from our van, 4 x 4 pickup truck, or lorry that is compatible with your inventory. Budget-wise? Ours is competitively priced! Visit our lorry rental page for more details on our large vehicles.




4. Cheaper And Faster Delivery

The delivery landscape has drastically changed over the years. A decade ago, you had to pass your items over the counter at the post office or courier office to deliver them. Same day delivery was virtually unheard of. The fastest delivery back then was next day delivery.

It would cost an arm and a leg if you needed to get it across below 24 hours!

With Lalamove, we're giving you the convenience of an on-demand delivery according to your timeframe. Next day delivery? Or delivery within the hour? It's your call, and it'll only cost you from RM5.00 with our motorcycle delivery and RM20.00 for a 4 x 4 pickup truck delivery. 


5. 24 Hours, 7 Days A Week Service

Since we don't operate based on the 8-to-5 timeframe, you can rely on us to get that package delivered any time of the day. To us, there's hardly a difference between a 6am delivery and a 6pm delivery. 


6. Various Vehicle Types

Select the best vehicle for your needs and inventory, be it a motorcycle, car, van, 4 x 4 truck, or lorry. That's how you maximise the space of your selected vehicle to get your items across quickly and efficiently.


Complete range of vehicles


7. First-Time Coupon Code!

At Lalamove, we always reward our users with better value for their delivery fees. And one way we can accomplish this is by offering coupon codes!

So if you're about to place your first delivery order with us, here's our welcome coupon code for you - LALA1ST. When you apply this code, you're entitled to 50% off your delivery fee with a RM8 cap. You can apply this code for delivery with any vehicle type that you'll need!

Are you ready to Lalamove it? Download our app today for instant and scheduled delivery!

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If you already have the Lalamove app, then visit our guide on how to place a delivery order.


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