A Step-By-Step Guide To Order Lalamove Delivery In Kuching

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Yes, the rumours are true!

Lalamove is now finally in Kuching, Sarawak.

We know how much Sarawakians have been anticipating this moment. 

We can’t wait for you to experience the Lalamove delivery service.

So, here’s a step-by-step guide to placing your first Lalamove delivery order in Kuching:


How To Place An Order In The Lalamove App?

1. Download the Lalamove app 

screenshot showing option to choose lalamove city as kuching

You can download our delivery app on Google PlayStore or iOS App Store.

You can also place your delivery orders via the Lalamove web app.

Then, select ‘Kuching’ as your city.

2. Insert your delivery pick-up and drop-off point

screenshot showing option to choose lalamove city as kuching-1

Insert accurate addresses for your pick up and drop off locations.

Did you know that Lalamove has multi-stop delivery services? Yes, you can add up to 19 drop-off locations!


3. Insert your pick-up time 

screenshot showing lalamove app to choose pick up time for delivery

You may deliver now or schedule your delivery up to 30 days in advance.

4. Select your preferred vehicle type

screenshot showing option to choose lalamove city as kuching (1)

For now, only Car and 4x4 Pickup are available in Kuching. After selecting your preferred vehicle, you may also select any Additional Service if required.

Our Additional Services include Door-to-Door service, Dismantle and Assembly Service and more!

5. Select payment method

screenshot showing lalamove payment page

At Lalamove, you may choose to pay by cash or Lalamove wallet. Top up your Lalamove e-wallet with Boost, Touch ‘n Go or credit and debit cards.

Apply your coupon code if applicable. Do check out our social media pages for coupon codes. Woohoo!

Psstt… you can get delivery coupons when you top up your e-wallet!


6. Tap ‘Place Order’

Okay, you’re almost there! Just double-confirm your order details.

Then, tap ‘Place Order’

You're good to go!


Start Delivering With Lalamove In Kuching Today

Congratulations! You’ve placed your first Lalamove delivery order in Kuching!

Now you get to experience fast, seamless and affordable on-demand delivery.

Ready to deliver faster?

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