The Most Auspicious Time To Start Work After Chinese New Year 2024

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If you’re looking for great luck and prosperity in your career or business, this blog is for you. 

One of the traditions that people follow is to choose an auspicious date to start work after the holiday. 

Believing in Feng Shui alone won’t make you a CEO or billionaire overnight. However, it exists to provide guidance towards an auspicious start.

The term for this practice is “开工大吉 (kai gong da ji)”, which literally means “starting your work with great luck”.

Believe it or not, let’s find out!


February Auspicious Dates To Start Work 

ang pao huat

As February 2024 rolls in, the Chinese calendar welcomes the new lunar year.

It's the perfect time for a fresh start, dotted with auspicious dates, perfect for bringing luck to your work and gathering favourable results.

Practical advice: follow this guideline when you start work to maximize your HUAT.

Working from home
1. Follow specific dates and time
2. Dress up nicely for work
3. Clean your workspace
4. Enjoy a drink with festive cookies
5. Make a business call
6. Send out a business proposal to your clients through email
7. Make a conference call

Returning to the office
1. Obeying specific dates and time
2. Place fresh flowers,plants or pair of oranges on your desk
3. Play a music in your workplace
4. Enjoy a drink with festive cookies
5. Make a business call
6. Make a conference call
7. Send out a business proposition through email
8. Schedule a meeting/business lunch

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Lucky Dates In February To Start A Business

Ready To Start Work On An Auspicious Date?

Choosing an auspicious date to start work/businesses is an opportunity for you to refresh your intentions, set your goals, and move forward with the confidence that you are in sync with the forces that govern success and prosperity.

Spread the fortune! Share this info with your friends and family. Let us know what were the favourable results you’ve obtained.


Elevate Your Business This Auspicious New Year

Now, you’re all set in time to start work and run a prosperous business. 

Here’s your chance to grow your business to be ONG-sational throughout the year of 2024.
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