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Performance Statistics Of Malaysia’s E-Commerce Industry (2017-2020)

Malaysia’s dependence on the e-commerce industry has grown steadily in recent years.

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Lalamove Malaysia

The Ultimate Guide To The Lalamove App (2022)

What made you install the Lalamove app in the first place? The story behind it can range from trivial tasks to life-changing occasions.Requesting our rider to send forgotten front door keys from home...

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food delivery

COOX And Lalamove: From Cloud Kitchen To Consumers’ Doorsteps

When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out in 2020, much of the world moved online, accelerating a digital transformation that has been underway for decades.

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Lalamove Malaysia

The Lalamove Shopify App: Helping You To Deliver Shopify Orders Faster!

The rise of e-commerce platforms or marketplaces like Shopify has made e-commerce easier for entrepreneurs like you who wish to establish an online presence.

Fulfilment tools, on the other hand, are...

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Same day delivery

Realising Same Day Delivery For ALL IT’s Whatsapp-For-Delivery

It’s almost impossible to visualise a day in our routine without falling back on the internet. 

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Lalamove Malaysia

Interstate Delivery: Same Day Or On-Demand? It’s Your Call!

Did you know Lalamove offers interstate delivery with 4 x 4 Pickups, Vans and Lorries?

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