4 Essential Tips For Moving To A High-Rise Apartment

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So, we’ve been in this situation before:

You’ve viewed the property, signed the documents and collected the house keys from the property agent.

Chup, hold your horses!

You might be wondering of a few things:

“When do I move in? Are there any professional movers that fit my budget? Do I need to get the measurements for my home furniture?”

But fret not, we’ve got your back!

Let us show you four tips to ease your moving process to a high-rise apartment.


1. Get A Moving Permit

Property Permit Application For House Moving with Lalamove

This is the most important part of moving into a high-rise apartment so don’t skip!

Many high-rise buildings are strict with the moving process, requiring you to apply for moving permits days before your moving day.

Therefore, you need to check with your apartment management and register your moving permit first. 

Don’t forget to be prepared with extra cash in your hands, as some buildings require deposits for your moving permit!

Not only this will ease your moving process and help you save time, but it’ll also help you to avoid any penalty for any accidents that damage the property during the moving process.

2. Pack And Label Your Items

Pack and label your items when Moving To A High-Rise Apartment with Lalamove

When moving, you must’ve prepared a checklist to help you pack your items.

But how can you maximise this method?

By labelling your items according to their areas, of course!

For example, you can start by writing a checklist for the kitchen, then followed by packing the items that belong in the kitchen first.

This way, you can easily locate the items once you arrive at your new home.

3. Measure Before You Move

Choose Vehicle Type with extra spaces when Moving To A High-Rise Apartment with Lalamove

Measure your furniture length, width and height and jot down the measurements on a paper.

This helps you to check whether your items can fit into the elevator and through the doors of your new house.

Can’t fit everything into your precious Proton X70 (ehem, baru beli ke tu?)

Takpa, here’s a better solution to this problem:

Just deliver with our big lorries so you can save yourself from extra headaches!


4. Choose The Best Price 

Move to a high-rise apartment with Lalamove - 20ft Lorry price

Malaysians are the best when it comes to bargaining for the best deals!

“Boss, can give a discount ah?”

Been there, done that right?

However, hiring movers without transparent pricing means there’s a chance there will be hidden fees.

But why go through the hassle when you can just Lalamove-it?

Simply input your moving details in the Lalamove app to get a quote before placing the order. Barulah senang!

Start Planning Your House Moving With Lalamove Today

For many of us, starting a new chapter in a new home can be nerve-wracking. The moving process can be exhausting too!

But hey, aren’t you glad that we’re here?

Whether you’re moving into a high-rise apartment or a landed house, our on-demand delivery service can make your house moving service easier.

Jom lah kita Lalamove-it!

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