The Secret Behind White On White's Delivery Transformation with Lalamove

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White On White began with a humble small shop, a new website and a love for flowers and starting a business.

Meet Thong Weng Seng, a founder of White On White who ventured into the digital world all by himself, slowly building his team over months.

The decision to venture into the florist business was born out of a lifelong passion for flowers and a desire to bring joy to others through nature's beauty.

It began as a temporary job in a flower shop. 

"At first, it was just another job, helping my friend in her flower shop," he said. But as time went on, his passion for the work grew. 

Eventually, he decided to fully commit to this newfound love for flowers.


The Story Behind The Name


White On White Ipoh HQ


The name "White On White" symbolises purity, elegance and simplicity.

White is a colour that represents new beginnings and it perfectly encapsulates their approach to floral design.

By focusing on the purity and simplicity of white, White On White aims to highlight the natural beauty of each flower.

This philosophy is reflected in their minimalist designs that allow the flowers to be the star of the show.


What Makes White On White Unique?

White On White is not just a floral gifting brand; it's a sanctuary for floral artistry and creative expression.

“We specialise in creating unique and 100% personalised flower bouquets that are truly one-of-a-kind,” Weng Seng emphasised.

Each arrangement is custom-made to ensure that the recipient receives something special and unforgettable, unlike anything else out there.

According to him, their commitment to using only the freshest and highest quality flowers ensures that their creations are not only beautiful but also long-lasting.


Founder_Thong Weng Seng


What sets them apart further is their premium selection of flowers sourced from around the globe.

“From elegant roses and vibrant tulips imported from Holland to exotic orchids from Thailand and Kenya, each bloom is carefully chosen for its quality and beauty,” he said.


Competing in Malaysia's Florist Market

“In a competitive market like Malaysia, standing out requires more than just beautiful flowers.”

At White On White, they differentiate themselves through a combination of competitive pricing, exceptional customer service and a wide variety of flower choices.

“We've implemented our chatbot to enhance customer interactions and streamline the ordering process, ensuring a seamless and personalised experience for each customer," he added.

This technology not only improves efficiency but also allows them to provide real-time assistance and tailored recommendations, setting them apart in delivering convenience and satisfaction.

The Role of Deliveries in Daily Operations


Premium rose collection


Efficient and reliable delivery services play a crucial role in the seamless operation of White On White.

“Making sure our beautiful flower bouquet arrives at our customers’ doors in perfect condition is very important to us as it shows how much we care about quality and making our customers happy,” Weng Said said.

One of the unique logistics challenges in the floristry industry is the delicate nature of the products.

Flowers are perishable and require careful handling and timely delivery to maintain their freshness and beauty.

Additionally, managing sudden spikes in demand during holidays and special occasions requires a flexible and responsive logistics system.


Discovering The Power of Lalamove

This is when Lalamove enters the picture.

Weng Seng said his business first learned about Lalamove through industry peers who praised the company for its reliable and efficient delivery services.

Intrigued by their positive experiences, he decided to explore the potential of partnering with Lalamove to enhance his logistics capabilities.

“Before partnering with Lalamove, managing our delivery logistics posed significant challenges,” he shared.

According to Weng Seng, maintaining their fleet was costly, with fluctuating fuel prices and high maintenance costs eating into their profits.

Additionally, the fixed logistics expenditures did not align with the variable demand, leading to inefficiencies. Hiring drivers and providing benefits such as EPF, Sosco, and insurance added to their financial burden.

These factors often resulted in inefficiencies during peak demand periods or seasonal fluctuations.


A Memorable Lalamove Success Story


100% Customization bouquet service


“I remember this one particularly memorable instance was during Valentine’s Day, one of the busiest times of the year for florists.”

“We were overwhelmed with orders and our in-house logistics were stretched to their limits.”

Weng Seng remembered fondly how Lalamove stepped in, providing additional vehicles and drivers at a moment's notice, ensuring that all their deliveries were made on time.

“This not only saved the day but also earned us a significant amount of goodwill from our clients,” he said with a smile.


Transformational Benefits of Partnering with Lalamove

Partnering with Lalamove has been transformative for White On White's daily operations.

The biggest benefit has been the ability to scale their delivery operations according to demand without incurring unnecessary costs.

The partnership has also enhanced their customer satisfaction, as clients receive their orders promptly and in perfect condition.

In conclusion, White On White's partnership with Lalamove has not only streamlined their logistics but also enhanced their overall service quality, enabling them to continue delighting their clients with exquisite floral creations.

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