Discover How New Lalamove Drivers Win Big Prizes (While Earning Extra Income!)

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From buying new clothes to festive preparations, Chinese New Year is the perfect opportunity for individuals to find part-time jobs and earn extra income.

Those early mornings and late nights of working hard have paid off for the 10 Lalamove drivers across Klang Valley, Johor, Penang, and Melaka, who recently became the champions of the HUAT A Driver Bonanza contest.

So, we’ve invited three of the grand prize winners from Klang Valley to share their tips and tricks in this blog. Keep reading to find out! 


Leong Chun Tuck, 4x4 Pickup

Leong Chun Tuck 4x4 Pickup

Tell us about your experience as a Lalamove driver partner

Leong Chun Tuck, 49, works as a grocery store delivery driver and drives a 4x4 Pickup truck.

In January 2024, he joined Lalamove as a driver partner, thanks to his friend’s suggestion.

His friend is a Lalamove driver too!

How do you manage work-life balance as a Lalamove driver partner?

My kids have grown up and I do find time to help out my wife to run our own grocery business.

During my free time, I would begin doing Lalamove deliveries at 7 am and end my work at 11 pm.

Why did you choose to earn extra income with Lalamove?

My vehicle needed to be more utilized, so I used it for all of the deliveries daily.

At the same time, I can maximize my part-time job opportunities by using the extra vehicle space to load the items for deliveries.

I noticed the economy was quite unstable, and that's when I decided to earn part-time income to get more savings.

I joined the contest before Chinese New Year because I knew I needed to earn extra money for the celebration.

So I worked hard to complete as many delivery orders as possible to earn extra income and celebrate this festive occasion with my loved ones using the earnings.


Could you describe your experience as a Lalamove driver partner so far?
When I’m making Lalamove deliveries, I use the opportunity to study other businesses, their suppliers, and prices. This not only allows me to expand my business network but helps to diversify my income.

Kydd Azrul, Large Van 9-ft

Mohd Azrul Van 9-ft
Kydd Azrul, 32, father of two kids, started working as an e-commerce delivery driver.

He joined Lalamove recently as a Large Van 9-ft driver partner in January 2024.

Why did you choose to earn money with Lalamove?

It’s because we believe we can achieve a stable earning potential.

I’ve had vast experience working as a delivery partner throughout my service at an e–commerce business for years. Of course, there are challenges that one would face, but we can manage them easily with the flexibility offered by Lalamove.

Besides, we can work on our schedule with unlimited earning potential as a full-time Lalamove driver partner.

What’s your strategy for winning the contest?

For me, I’d start accepting delivery orders at 7 am and my work ends at 5 pm.

Moreover, I’ll also work on the weekends because more Lalamove orders are coming in the app.

My advice to other Lalamove drivers is:

Be hardworking by completing as many delivery orders as you can!

Another method I used was to accept long-haul orders that led me to Johor, Melaka, Ipoh and Penang. I would focus on completing a few deliveries within those states before returning to Kuala Lumpur.

Moreover, I would try to understand from a customer standpoint if the solution can easily solve the problem.

For instance, I aim to enhance the value of our services by assisting senior citizens with unloading heavy items and placing them near the building's doorstep.

Govindasamy A/L Kannusamy, Small Lorry 10-ft

Govindasamy Lorry 10-ft

Govindasamy A/L Kannusamy, 36, father of two kids, used to be a scrap metal driver and he drives a Small Lorry 10-ft.

What was the most memorable moment throughout your journey as a Lalamove driver partner?

A few weeks back in January 2024, I accepted a delivery order requiring me to deliver pet food to the customer.

When I arrived at the drop-off location, I met with the customer who is a sponsor of a local animal shelter.

From that moment, I knew I did a good deed by delivering care to these rescued animals and supporting their shelter caretakers.

What motivated you to join this contest?

The RM1000 cash prize!

My wife told me this cash prize should motivate me to work harder.

Why did you choose to work as a Lalamove driver partner?

As you may know, everyone has their commitments.

I’m the breadwinner for my family, so I support their living expenses for food, house rental, utility bills, children’s education funds and vehicle maintenance.

If I were to give advice to other Lalamove drivers, I’d say:

Sometimes, life has its ups and downs, but I persevere until I reach my goal.


Earn Income Easily With Lalamove

Congratulations again to all the Lalamove HUAT A Driver Bonanza winners!

If you would like to earn income as a Lalamove driver partner, here’s your chance to make it happen.

On top of that, Lalamove driver partners can get various rewards and discounts too!

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