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  • Delivering Care during COVID-19: Lalamove is continuing to support the public and businesses for delivery needs during this period. However, we take the safety of our driver partners and customers seriously and have taken necessary precautions for safer deliveries.

    We make delivery fast and simple

    Lalamove provides on-demand and same-day delivery services by using our mobile or web app to connect you with our driver partners.



    How does it work?

    Order a delivery in just a few steps. It’s never been easier.



    Discover more about how Lalamove is changing the delivery landscape with insider news, tips and stories from our customers and the Lalamove team.

    Easy to use Lalamove webapp

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    “Purchase Service”, the shopping assistance that fits with the demands of busy customers in Bangkok

              Too much work and don’t have enough time to purchase your stuff. Don’t worry! “Lalamove” can help
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    Not just Motorcycle, Lalamove also provides “Hatchback” and “Pickup Truck” delivery!

    As you knew, Lalamove provides the fastest delivery services in Bangkok and metropolis so your goods can be delivered within 1-2 hours. We have 3 types of vehicle to support your needs but most of
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