3 Tips To Be More Eco-Friendly As A Lalamove Driver Partner

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You’ve probably heard this before:

“Paper lama old newspaper, sao kao po chi!

Your parents could be stacking old newspapers in a corner of your home and passing them to the lorry uncle. 

Well, this is a good initiative to reduce environmental impact and protect the Earth!

But what about helping the environment as a Lalamove driver partner?

Let us show you three ways to do it!


1. Plan Your Routes Efficiently

Reduce environmental impact as a Lalamove driver

Optimising routes is an important skill for Lalamove driver partners. 

Not only will it help you to be more organised in your day-to-day deliveries, but you’ll also get to reduce environmental impacts!


By optimising your routes, vehicles delivering to locations with nearby addresses will use less fuel and generate fewer emissions, reducing their carbon footprint.

This way, you can save time and fuel costs throughout your journey!

2. Organise Goods in Your Vehicle

The daily routine for a Lalamove Driver Partner

Take your time to consider the measurements of your vehicle, including the boot space, cargo capacity and loading area dimensions. 

Here’s a pro tip:

Place the last drop furthest inside the vehicle and the first drop near the door. 

This way, you can easily locate the packages when you reach each drop-off location.



3. Turn Your Engine Off

Lalamove driver reduces environmental impact during deliveries

Did you know that an idling engine can emit harmful emissions that can fill up to 150 balloons every minute?

Yes, we know it sounds crazy.

So when you arrive at a pickup or drop-off location, don’t forget to switch off your vehicle's engine before exiting. 

This method helps reduce fuel costs and emissions and improves air quality.


Making Positive Environmental Impact
On Deliveries

We hope that these tips could improve your deliveries, but most importantly, contribute to a greener Earth.

All set to make an impact in your daily journeys?

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