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5 Budget-Friendly Fuss-Free Tips to Move House with Lalamove

Moving house is stressful and troublesome.

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Same day delivery

What Is Group Buy and How Can Everyone Benefit From It?

As consumers, we are always looking for new ways to make the most out of our money. Apart from scouring the Internet for new deals or searching for exclusive rebates, we can choose to join...

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Multi-Stop Delivery

How to Cost-Effectively Deliver Your Mooncakes with Lalamove’s Multi-Stop Service

The Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as Mooncake Festival or Moon Festival, is a grand time to celebrate the end of the autumn harvest with family gatherings, mooncakes, and lanterns. 
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Same day delivery

How to Save Time & Money with Lalamove Purchase Service

Running errands can be effortful and time-consuming. Especially so when you’re on a tight schedule. Between work and everything else, it can be tedious to find time to shop for gifts, pick up...
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lorry delivery

How to Choose the Best Lorry Rental Company in Singapore

Are you planning a house move or commercial move? Congrats on getting a new place! Excited yet dreading the logistic work? Don’t let the stress and anxiety of moving dampen your mood! Move with...

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House Moving Service

5 Types of Moving Services Users in Singapore

Relocating? Congrats on getting a new home! Looking for house moving services? This time, we’ve identified 5 types of interesting people you’ll see during a house move! Do you recognise your...

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