How you prepare for your delivery will reveal this about you

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Enjoy learning more about yourself every day? Take on our quiz about your delivery practices and when you’re finished, we will reveal the type of person you are!

Simply add the scores up for each question and you’ll find out when you get to the end:

  1. Do you buy more packing material than you need? (3)
  2. Are you a hoarder? (2)
  3. Halfway through packing, are you questioning yourself about items you own? (1)
  4. Do you tend to misplace your items? (2)
  5. Are you obsessed with organising items? (5)
  6. Do you enjoy shopping for packing materials (tape, envelopes, boxes etc.)? (3)
  7. Does your pet peeve revolve around messy people? (4)
  8. Do you place delivery orders often? (4)
  9. Are you most comfortable around you own clutter? (2)
  10. Is on demand deliveries your go-to option? (2)
  11. Do you have an address book? (3)
  12. Are your delivery packages usually documents over parcels? (2)
  13. Do you usually pack ahead before your actual delivery date? (4)
  14. Love sending surprise presents to a family and friends? (5)
  15. Prefer food delivery instead of heading out? (2)

If your score was:

25 and more

You probably are the person in most social groups to have got everything in order. People enjoy hearing your advices and often seek comfort from them. You are in-the-know about anything and everything new, which always makes you the coolest kid on the block.

15 to 24

You know what works for you and have the right balance in life. You tend to be put together but also can be messy but you like to call this your “creative mess”. As an adventurous person, you also love to try new things.

0 to 14

Hello homebody! You are very comfortable and contented with routines and like to do things your own way. You are most probably someone who enjoys the joy of the traditional ways of working and getting things done.


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