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lorry delivery

How to Choose the Best Lorry Rental Company in Singapore

Are you planning a house move or commercial move? Congrats on getting a new place! Excited yet dreading the logistic work? Don’t let the stress and anxiety of moving dampen your mood! Move with...

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House Moving Service

5 Types of Moving Services Users in Singapore

Relocating? Congrats on getting a new home! Looking for house moving services? This time, we’ve identified 5 types of interesting people you’ll see during a house move! Do you recognise your friends...

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Same day delivery

3 Easy Steps to Start Working from Home the Right Way

The excitement that comes along with getting to try out different beds or couches, and walking around a furniture store while envisioning your future home is like none other. But the hassle only sets...

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Same day delivery

How do Lalamove's charges work?

Ever wanted to use Lalamove but skipped it because you weren't sure about the cost? Especially since no one is a fan of surprise fees and additional costs that might be very different from the base...

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Same day delivery

How to use the Lalamove wallet?

In our digitalised world, cash payments are fast becoming obsolete and the option to go cashless is a must-have requirement. It shouldn't any different when making deliveries!

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Misconceptions people have about on demand delivery

To those of you who have ever enlisted the help of an on demand delivery service - you will know exactly how convenient and handy this option is. It makes sure we get our errands done and keeps our...

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