A Comprehensive Guide to What you Can and Can't Deliver with Lalamove

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Ever wanted to send something for delivery but are unsure if your item can be delivered with Lalamove? Fear not, Lalamove is well-equipped to handle a variety of deliveries, but certain items require special attention. Let's explore what you can and cannot deliver with Lalamove below.

What Lalamove Can Deliver

From essential documents to delectable treats, celebratory bouquets to tech gadgets, household necessities to cherished furniture pieces – you name it, we can deliver it. Our on-demand delivery service accommodates a wide array of delivery needs, ensuring convenience and reliability for our customers. Below is an example of the items you can deliver with Lalamove.


What Lalamove Can't Deliver

From fragile glassware to live animals and hazardous materials – there are certain items that Lalamove can't deliver. While our on-demand delivery service accommodates a wide array of delivery needs, there are some limitations to what we can transport safely and efficiently. Below is a list of items that fall outside of our delivery capabilities. 


Fragile Items (Including Flowers and Cakes) Without Proper Packaging That Require Special Handling

Lalamove cannot guarantee the safe delivery of fragile and sensitive items such as flowers, cakes, glassware, and electronics without proper packaging. This also applies to sensitive equipment such as massage chairs and Mahjong tables. It's recommended to ensure proper packaging or explore alternative delivery methods for fragile and sensitive items.

Hazardous, Explosive, Flammable, and Unsafe Items (Including Power Banks)

For safety reasons, the delivery of hazardous, explosive, flammable, or unsafe items are prohibited.

Valuable Items and Documents 

It is advised to opt for alternative delivery methods for valuable Items E.g. cash, passports, birth certificates, jewelries etc. These items are particularly vulnerable to loss or theft during transit and can be difficult to replace.

Credit or Debit Cards

Avoid sending sensitive financial instruments to safeguard your security and privacy.

Illegal Substances

Lalamove strictly prohibits the delivery of illegal substances, including duty-free alcohol or cigarettes, in order to comply with legal regulations.

Any breathing/ living objects

Transporting any living things requires specialized services beyond Lalamove's scope to ensure their well-being during transit.

Unpacked or Loose Items

Items that are prone to damage during transit should be securely packaged to avoid any mishaps or potential losses. E.g. fragile kitchenware (glassware, ceramics), loose electronic devices and accessories such as chargers, cables, and adapters. 

Items Exceeding Vehicle Limits

It is recommended that customers consider the size limitations of the vehicles in order to avoid any possible delays brought on by cancellations or additional costs. E.g. Sensitive equipment (measuring / industrial equipment),  For further information on vehicle size restrictions, please refer to the details provided here.

Counterfeit Goods

Delivery of counterfeit goods is prohibited to uphold intellectual property rights and prevent legal consequences.

High-Value Items

Items like bullion, currency, or precious metals/stones, sensitive equipment (measuring and industrial equipment) are not suitable for delivery through Lalamove due to their high value and security concerns.

Weapons and Explosives

Transportation of weapons, explosives, or ammunition is strictly forbidden to ensure safety and legal compliance.

Human Organs or Remains

Lalamove respects the sensitivity of transporting human organs or remains and recommends specialized services for their delivery.

Indecent materials/representation

Transporting inappropriate materials goes against Lalamove's community guidelines and legal regulations.

Chemicals and Flammable Objects

Items that endanger safety, such as chemicals or unsecured flammable objects, are not permitted for transportation.

Items Over SGD 500 in Value

Customers should secure their own insurance for items exceeding SGD 500 in value, as Lalamove does not provide coverage for such shipments.

Please visit here for additional information. 

As part of our commitment to safety and compliance, we enforce these guidelines rigorously with our delivery partners. As cherished members of our customer community, we kindly request your cooperation in adhering to these restrictions for the benefit of all involved.

Do note that the list above apply to all our vehicle types. We hope that this article has provided you with valuable insights into the types of items our delivery partners can handle.


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