Caltex Fuels Lalamove Drivers to Deliver Faster

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Lalamove and Caltex partnership creates more value for Lalamove’s driver and rider partners

At Lalamove, our driver partners are key in making it possible to empower communities with deliveries, and in our most recent partnership with Caltex, Lalamove provides exclusive benefits to driver and rider partners through the Lalamove-branded Caltex Fleet Value Card.

Motorcycle, car, van and lorry drivers will get to enjoy benefits such as exclusive discounts on fuel and diesel purchases at all Caltex service stations island wide when they sign up with Lalamove. Additionally, drivers who own the NTUC Plus! Card can also earn LinkPoints with their fuel purchases which can be used to redeem a variety of attractive offers and deals for utilities, lifestyle needs, food, holidays, and much more.

“Caltex understands the needs of drivers and the importance of having quality premium fuel that comes with the cleaning power of Techron®. Partnering with Lalamove, a leading provider of on-demand delivery, allows us to empower their fleet of 15,000 drivers, helping them focus on their core business of providing reliable and quick deliveries while enjoying the best value for money through our fuel rebate program,” said Jay Gomez, Chevron’s General Manager of Products for Malaysia, Singapore and Cambodia.  

Aside from providing our driver and rider partners with an avenue to earn, Lalamove aims to create an wholesome experience that enables them to maximise their earnings through benefits,” explained Alex Lin, Managing Director, Singapore of Lalamove. 

“This vision is something we have in common with Caltex, making this partnership a natural one for both companies. Through this, we provide our drivers with opportunities to save and means of assistance to support their journey on the road. With this partnership, Lalamove drivers will definitely be fueled to deliver.”

The Lalamove-Caltex Fleet Card is available to all active drivers. Simply sign up below and you will be notified when your card is ready for collection.


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