Lalamove Delivers Care to Rescued Pets by 'Making a Pawfect Move' Across the Globe

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Singapore, October 04, 2023Lalamove, the leading on-demand delivery platform, is encouraging Lalamove users in Asia and Latin America to ‘Make a Pawfect Move’, by spreading the love for animals in need. In Singapore, Lalamove partners with SOSD, an animal shelter that rescues, rehabilitates, and finds new homes for stray dogs, granting them a renewed chance for a better life. 

Through the “Make a Pawfect Move” campaign, an extension of Lalamove’s Deliver Care initiative, the company aims to better the lives of abandoned dogs at SOSD with donations, while also helping to support their shelter ‘paw-rents’ who pour their heart into keeping the group running.

Users can send their love to furry friends in need at SOSD by registering as members of  Lalamove Rewards and accumulating LalaPoints with every completed order. With a minimum of 1,250 LalaPoints, SDG5 will be donated to SOSD, supporting a furry companion with two nourishing meals! 

“In recent years, the number of pet owners, particularly for dogs, in Singapore has surged from 70,000 in 2019 to 87,000 in 2022. This growing affection for pets signifies a shift in how people perceive their furry companions, treating them as beloved family members. We, like many Singaporeans, share this love. That's why a 'Pawfect Move' is exciting as it brings together our Lalamove users with a passion of ours to help pets in need. Lalamove consistently supports various aspects of pet life, including delivering essentials to our vast partner network of pet suppliers,” said Alex Lin, Managing Director of Lalamove. “With the collective support of 57,207 active Singaporeans in our Lalamove Rewards Programme and our partnership with SOSD, we hope to raise awareness on animal welfare and create a positive impact in the lives of our beloved furry friends.”

Magdalene Eng, Head of Outreach and Fundraising at SOSD, also conveyed their gratitude and enthusiasm for the collaboration with Lalamove in this donation campaign. “Lalamove's generous support will empower us with essential resources and supplies to enhance the living conditions and medical care for our rescued pets, ensuring they receive the highest level of care during their journey to adoption.”

Joining hands with pet lovers, Lalamove encourages everyone to join the cause, and spread the word to paws-itively donate their LalaPoints to create a tail-wagging, paw-fect world for furry companions. 

To easily donate LalaPoints, users just need to follow these four simple steps to sign up for the Rewards programme to support furry friends from SOSD.

Step 1: Create a Lalamove account or login if you already have one, then click 'Rewards' under the side menu


Step 2: Read and accept the Terms and Conditions and click 'Join Now' to register as a Lalamove Rewards member for free


Step 3: Place orders to earn LalaPoints and make donation to SOSD


Step 4: Click ‘Claim’ to confirm 


Remarks: New customers will need to first register as a Lalamove user with their mobile phone number before repeating the steps above to become a Lalamove Rewards member.

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